Chanel West Coast Net Worth

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Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Chanel West Coast, at 34, is rockin’ a cool $3 million in the bank. This girl’s done it all – actress, producer, and even a fashionista. Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, she burst onto the scene with her fearless style that just screams fun.

Remember her in “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” back in ’09? That’s where it all started. Since then, she’s been juggling TV, movies like “The Motion” and “Been On,” and even belting out hits in the music scene. “Alcoholic” featuring Tyga and Honey Cocaine? Yeah, that’s her jam.

But Chanel’s not just about the glitz and glam. She’s a business mogul too. Launched her own clothing line that’s basically her style on a rack. And you know what? People love it!

It’s a crazy ride she’s been on, but with her talent, dedication, and that signature style, Chanel West Coast isn’t just a name – she’s a whole vibe, and she’s making serious bank while at it.

Who Is Chanel West Coast 

Chanel West Coast is this awesome multi-talent from the U.S. – you’ve probably caught her on shows like “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” “Wild Grinders,” “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” and even “Fear Factor.”

But that’s not all – she’s also got serious chops in the music scene. Her tracks and mixtapes like “Now You Know,” “Waves,” “Bass In The Trunk,” “Sharon Stoned,” “Bad Things,” “Own World,” “Holiday,” “C’est la vie,” and a bunch more, showcase her range. And let’s not forget collabs like “Been On” with French Montana, “Blueberry Chills” featuring Honey C, and “New Bae” with Safaree.

Chanel West Coast is the real deal, juggling it all in the entertainment game and leaving her mark with every beat and show she touches.

Chanel West Coast Biography

The day Chanel West Coast was born and raised was September 1, 1988. Here in Los Angeles, she was born and reared. She grew up in the vibrant North Hollywood district, where she was born and reared, and boy, did she get into music at an early age. She started spitting rhymes and performing on stage when she was a teenager. “Now You Know” was the title of her first mixtape, which she published in 2013. This was just the start of it all.

But guess what really put her on the map? MTV’s show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” ! When she was hired in 2009 as the receptionist, everyone was enthralled with her contagious laugh and positive attitude. It turned her into a fan favorite in no time. And then, of course, she kept the party going as a co-host on “Ridiculousness.” Can you blame them? She’s just too fun to watch.

Now, music and acting – she’s doing it all. released many amazing songs, made music videos, and even teamed up with well-known performers like French Montana, Robin Thicke, and Snoop Dogg. Not only that, but she also appears in “Horrible Bosses 2” and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”; she is really broadening her horizons. People can’t get enough of her talent and excitement; she is a true entertainment dynamo. Chanel West Coast is a major force in entertainment, not merely a TV personality.


NameChanel West Coast
Full NameChelsea Chanel Dudley
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of Birth1 September 1988
Age35 Years Old
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Currently Live InLos Angeles
ProfessionRapper, Singer, and Television Personality
DebutTV Series: Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (2009 – 2015)
Music Video: If You Didn’t (2015)
Years Active2009 – Present
Famous RoleAppearing in the TV Series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (2009 – 2015)
EthnicityRussian – Jewish Descent
HometownLos Angeles, California
Zodiac SignVirgo
School/High SchoolWest Coast Elementary in Chicago
Taft High School in Chicago, Illinois
College/UniversityLocal University in the United States
Education QualificationGraduate


Chanel West Coast actually did some of her schooling at Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills for a couple of years, but interestingly, she was also homeschooled. So, while she got a taste of traditional high school life, she had a unique educational experience with a mix of both school and home learning.


Chanel West Coast have significant influence in the entertainment industry. On September 1, 1988, she was born in the dazzling city of Los Angeles. The 34-year-old celebrity first became well-known as an MTV star when she was younger, and then later entered the music industry.

Chanel is a well-known actress from the television shows Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, MTV’s Ridiculousness, and Fantasy Factory. Nevertheless, she’s not only a TV personality—her hits include “Sharon Stoned” and “New Feeling.”

Her career consists of albums like Now You Know (2013), Young Money: Rise of an Empire (2014), America’s Sweetheart (2019), and Waves (2017). The greatest thing is that, at 34 years old, Chanel West Coast seems to be continuing to become stronger. She isn’t simply moving; she is using her position to produce material that inspires and motivates women everywhere. It proves that desire has no age restrictions and that age is simply a number. Let’s celebrate Chanel, who is a real-life example of how you should never give up on your aspirations, no matter where life leads you. To the trip, cheers! 


She also makes an attempt to include as many healthful meals into her diet as possible. Her dedication to staying hydrated and eating nutritious meals seems to have a huge impact on her ability to retain such an attractive body.


Chanel West Coast hails from a musical background, with her dad, Jamie Dudley, having spun tunes as a DJ in the vibrant city of New York. Her mom, Penny Porsche, carved her own path in the entertainment industry as an adult film actress. It’s clear that Chanel inherited a mix of artistic influences from both sides of her family.

Chanel West Coast Career

Chanel West Coast began her career inspired by her passion of music. Though her love was in music, the wild rollercoaster of MTV reality programs propelled her into the spotlight. You’ve definitely seen her with her contagious grin as the receptionist on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” or cracking jokes as the co-host on “Ridiculousness” – two roles that helped her become a TV staple.

But Chanel isn’t just about screen life. She’s released songs and music videos, collaborating with some prominent names in the business. And it’s not just the beats; she’s also tried her hand at acting, appearing in a number of films and television series to demonstrate that she has more than one trick up her sleeve.

In a nutshell, Chanel West Coast is the kind of entertainer who’s made her mark, showing us there’s more to her story than just reality TV antics.


When it comes to her love life, the well-known entertainer is quite tight-lipped, keeping the details under wraps. However, it has surfaced that she was romantically involved with Liam Horn back in 2014. In the past, she shared a romantic connection with Chris Pfaff, but as of now, there’s no history of marriage or engagements in her relationship journey. As far as parenthood is concerned, there’s no record of any little ones from the experienced entertainer.

Early Life

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, born on September 1, 1988, in sunny Los Angeles, had a pretty cool childhood. She grew up playing the bicoastal game, shuttling between the fast-paced vibes of New York City and the creative energy of North Hollywood. Why the commute? Well, her folks lived in different cities, so she made sure to spend quality time with both.

Dad’s gig as a DJ meant Chelsea got a backstage pass to the music scene practically from the cradle. It was like having a personal soundtrack to her life. Living the best of both worlds, she soaked up the urban hustle of NYC and the artistic flair of Hollywood, making her early years a lively mix of beats and city streets.


Chanel West Coast hasn’t snagged any awards yet, but let me tell you, she’s got a solid crew of fans who’ve been rocking with her for years. Check this out – as of February 2021, she’s got a cool 381K subscribers on YouTube, and her Insta game is strong with a massive 3.5 million followers. No trophies on the shelf, but her online squad is shouting loud about the real deal connection she’s got going on.

Social Media

Chanel, deeply immersed in the entertainment world, keeps her fans engaged through social media, especially on Twitter, boasting a substantial following of 840,000. Recently, she spread some Valentine’s Day cheer with a tweet, expressing warm wishes to her dedicated followers.

In another tweet, she couldn’t help but share her recent frustration with @Postmates. Chanel humorously pleaded with the delivery service to consider an all-female team, playfully lamenting the occasional mishaps with male delivery drivers. According to her, they tend to miss the mark on orders and overlook any extra requests. The suggestion of an all-female Postmates service seemed like a whimsical solution to her amusing encounter with delivery mishaps.


Chanel West Coast, a multifaceted talent with a net worth of $3 million, has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry through TV, music, and fashion. Her diverse career, from “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” to music collaborations, showcases her versatility and enduring popularity.


1. What is Chanel West Coast’s net worth? Chanel West Coast’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

2. Where was Chanel West Coast born? Chanel West Coast was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.

3. What is Chanel West Coast’s educational background? Chanel West Coast attended Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills and graduated from a local university in the United States.

4. What is Chanel West Coast’s famous role in TV? Chanel West Coast gained fame for her role in the TV series “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” (2009 – 2015).5. Has Chanel West Coast won any awards? As of now, Chanel West Coast has not received any formal awards, but she has a strong online following.

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