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Duffer brothers email: How To Contact The duffer brothers

For their work on Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers are renowned American producers. Many Stranger Things fans want to display their devotion via t-shirts, printed caps, customised mugs, or stickers due to the programme’s success. How to contact the Duffer Brothers via email is also an increasing interest among fans. This article provides advice on how to reach these great creators.

Contacting the Duffer Brothers

The very reclusive Duffer Brothers have no public contact information. They can also be reached through their production firm, 21 Laps. The Duffer Brothers founded Los Angeles production business 21 Laps in 2010.

Write to 21 Laps’ office address on their website to reach them. The letter must include your name, contact information, and a brief explanation of your interactions with the Duffer Brothers. This procedure offers a formal and respectful way to contact Stranger Things creators.

Finding the Right Method

If 21 Laps doesn’t respond, try additional Duffer Brothers contact methods. Engaging with them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is one way, but they may not respond to most messages.

You can also contact the Duffer Brothers through CAA, a major Los Angeles talent agency. A formal email to CAA’s general questions address works.

Sending a video is an unexpected and creative alternative. Making a short video explaining why you’re contacting the Duffer Brothers and posting it on social media or emailing 21 Laps adds a personal touch.

The Duffer Brothers can be reached via social media, CAA agents, or innovative video messages, but writing to 21 Laps is the most official manner.

Emails Claim Duffer Brothers Created Netflix Series Stranger Things

As part of filmmaker Charlie Kessler’s lawsuit against Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) over creative credit for Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, TMZ has obtained emails that suggest the Duffer Brothers were developing a “Montauk” series as early as November 2010, three and a half years before Kessler claims to have pitched the idea for his short film, The Montauk Project.

According to TMZ, two November 2010 emails described a “real,” “paranormal” “gritty eighties” Montauk concert and referenced “the Montauk experiments.” A Google document from October 4, 2013, outlines Stranger Things’ premise, and emails from February 27th, 2014, and April 4th, 2014, mention 1980s Long Island and a Montauk location scout.

Alex Kohner, the Duffer Brothers’ attorney, feels these documents will significantly back his clients “These documents establish that Mr. Kessler had no role in creating ‘Stranger Things.’ Years before he met the Duffer Brothers, they developed their project.”

After Kessler’s lawsuit, the Duffer Brothers’ attorney said his claim was “completely meritless,” underlining that he had no role in Stranger Things’ inception or development.

Kessler claims the Duffer Brothers stole the idea for Stranger Things from his 2012 short film and wants financial compensation and the destruction of any assets based on his ideas.

With Season 3 production starting soon, the legal battle complicates Stranger Things production. The Netflix series has become a hit, and this legal battle will undoubtedly continue.

Contact The duffer brothers [Address, Email, Phone, DM, Fan Mail]

Matt and Ross Duffer, known as the Duffer brothers, are famous for their storytelling and timeless stories. Their hit show, “Stranger Things,” has won critical acclaim and a huge fan base because to its 1980s pop culture nostalgia, great ensemble cast, and fascinating story.

The Duffer brothers’ imaginative and original approach to filmmaking has allowed them to get the best from their partners and tap into their audience’s memories and emotions. Their influence on the entertainment business and pop culture has made them brilliant and respected filmmakers.

Fans looking to contact Matt and Ross Duffer can use the following updated addresses, emails, and phone numbers. These resources allow fans to contact successful filmmakers through their reps.

Contact to Matt and Ross Duffer

Every day, thousands of individuals contact their favorite celebrities, athletes, and public personalities. Most want to send fan mail, but some desire charity donations or business chances.

Fan mail becomes a terrific way to show support and admiration. Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer receive many letters and well wishes due to their Hollywood fame.

Unfortunately, Matt and Ross Duffer rarely answer fan correspondence. Start reaching out to them with this basic fan mail template. AI can also write letters for you if you have problems communicating! Use the addresses below to contact us. Good luck!


In conclusion, contacting the Duffer Brothers, the creators of “Stranger Things,” can be difficult yet rewarding for fans who want to show their support. While the Duffer Brothers are reclusive and may not always respond to fan correspondence, there are other methods.

Fans can write to their production business, 21 Laps, at the office address for the most formal approach. This strategy assures respectful, official communication. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are other options, but responses may be restricted. Send emails to the general questions address at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to contact the Duffer Brothers.

Adding a personal touch with a brief video clip expressing why they’re reaching out is clever. Although the Duffer Brothers’ comments differ, each allows fans to interact with these accomplished filmmakers, contributing to the ongoing discussion between creators and their committed audience.


Q: How can I contact the Duffer Brothers?

A: The most formal method is through their production company, 21 Laps. Write a letter to the office address provided on their website, including your name, contact information, and a brief explanation of your interaction with the Duffer Brothers.

Q: Do the Duffer Brothers respond to fan mail?

A: Unfortunately, they have a limited track record of responding to fan mail. However, fans can explore alternative methods such as social media, contacting their talent agency (CAA), or sending a creative video message.

Q: What is the significance of the obtained emails in the lawsuit against the Duffer Brothers?

A: The emails suggest that the Duffer Brothers were developing a series titled “Montauk” as early as November 2010, challenging the claim that they stole the idea for “Stranger Things” from filmmaker Charlie Kessler’s short film, “The Montauk Project.”

Q: How can fans express their admiration for the Duffer Brothers?

A: Fans can send fan mail using a provided template, acknowledging that responses may be limited. Social media platforms and contacting the Duffer Brothers through their talent agency (CAA) are additional options. A creative video message is also a unique way to reach out.

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