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John Daly Net Worth: Biography Career and many more

John Daly net worth

$2 million

John Daly net worth

Famous American golfer John Daly nret worth $2 million. Daly has struggled financially despite his golf career, endorsements, and business pursuits. His $55 million losses are mostly due to gambling and expensive divorces. Despite his golf success, these financial misfortunes have hurt John Daly’s net worth.

NameJohn Daly
Source of IncomeGolf, Endorsements, Business
Salary$400,000 (on-course average)
Net Worth$2 Million

John Daly, known as “Long John” for his long golf drives, is contentious and outspoken. On February 20, 2023, his career profits exceeded $10.2 million, with an on-course average of $400,000.

Beyond his financial success, Daly’s entrepreneurial and humanitarian work show his dedication to making a difference. These details enrich his story and demonstrate that riches goes beyond statistics.

The future for John Daly in 2024 is uncertain. However, his complicated journey shows that true wealth is built on perseverance and legacy. Daly’s experiences prove that every difficulty has a great tale.

John Daly Salary

Spotrac, a sports contract tracker, reports $12 million in career earnings for John Daly. Daly’s adaptability and participation in numerous golf events are shown by his $10.2 million from sanctioned tournaments and $1.77 million from unapproved contests.

In real competitions, Daly’s on-course earnings average $400,000, demonstrating his consistency and excellence. His performance in sanctioned events has helped his professional golf finances.

Daly’s income comes from more than golf. His endorsements and business initiatives have helped him financially. The charismatic golfer’s marketability has led to lucrative off-course opportunities.

In addition to his golf skills, Daly’s endorsement and commercial success have boosted his career earnings. Daly’s diverse approach to money generation shows his economic savvy and the complexity of professional sports achievement.

Other Sources of Income

John Daly has worked in many entertainment fields in addition to golf. Daly appeared in “Prostroke Golf,” an Xbox 360, PS3, and PC game where users may realistically play with his golf skills.

Also noteworthy is Daly’s music career. In 2007, he sang backup vocals on Kid Rock’s “Half Your Age,” showing his versatility off the tour. Daly collaborated with Darius Rucker on “I Only Know One Way.” On his debut album, “My Life,” Johnny Lee and Willie Nelson sang.

Daly’s latest album, “Whisky & Water,” was released in March 2022, continuing his music career. Unfortunately, Daly’s music and game company financial statistics are not publicly available. However, Daly’s involvement in these entertainment industries shows his diverse talents and interests outside of golf.

Additional Ventures and Investments

John Daly’s business career goes beyond golf and endorsements. Daly has carefully invested in several firms to diversify his fortune, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit.

Daly founded a wine label. He shows financial ability and understanding in his numerous interests with this decision.

Daly also pursued golf course planning prospects, showing a deep interest in the golfing sector. He has increased his opportunities and positioned himself to shape golf by engaging in such projects.

Beyond the fairways, Daly’s business ventures show his proactive attitude to financial security. These ventures have increased his riches and offered new income sources for the seasoned golfer.

In essence, John Daly’s commercial undertakings highlight his deliberate and forward-thinking approach to create a well-rounded and durable financial legacy beyond professional golf.

How did John Daly get rich?

Financial success for golfer John Daly stems from his early commitment and talent. Daly, his father Jim, mother Lou, and siblings relocated often as children. After moving from California to Arkansas at age 4, Daly became interested in golf, which he loved by age 5.

As the family moved to Virginia, Daly’s golf talents improved, culminating in a championship win at 13. Daly studied golf at the University of Arkansas from 1984 to 1987 after graduating from Helias High School in Missouri.

Daly broke through in 1986 by qualifying for the U.S. Open. He decided to quit college and become a professional golfer in the summer of 1987. Winning the Missouri Open on his professional debut set the stage for a successful career.

In the early 1990s, Daly made a mark on golf by playing the Ben Hogan Tour, Sunshine Tour, and Utah Classic. He earned 1991 PGA Tour membership after his 1990 PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament performance.

Despite his triumphs, Daly struggled with alcoholism in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A T-27 finish at the 1996 U.S. Open and a 1997 withdrawal due to alcohol troubles are notable. Daly attended Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to overcome these challenges, showing his tenacity and determination.

John Daly’s $2 million net worth illustrates his financial success and challenges. This financial situation could have been better without gambling and divorces. However, Daly’s longevity in golf is a credit to his skill, determination, and resilience.

Profile Summary

Full/Real NameJohn Patrick Daly
NicknameLong John / Wild Thing / The Lion
Birth DateApril 28, 1966
BirthplaceCarmichael, California, United States
Age (As of 2023)57 years old
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherJim Daly
MotherLou Daly
SiblingsTwo (elder brother Jamie and an elder sister)
Famous ForAmerican professional golfer
EducationHelias High School; Dardanelle High School; University of Arkansas
ProfessionAmerican Professional Golfer
Professional Wins18
Highest Ranking23 (2005)

John Daly: Early life, Family, Education

Golfing began for John Daly in Carmichael, California, on April 28, 1966. His parents, Jim and Lou Daly, moved to Arkansas in 1970 for Jim’s nuclear power plant engineering work. When John was four, his father gave him two cut-off golf clubs in Arkansas, sparking his lifelong love of the sport.

Daly developed his abilities at Arkansas’ ‘Bay Ridge Boat and Golf Club’, preparing him for a remarkable career. Inspired by his childhood idol Jack Nicklaus, Daly created a distinctive backswing and embraced the ‘grab it and rip it’ mindset, which defined his playing style and propelled him to popularity.

John’s golfing career continued after the Dalys moved to Locust Grove, Virginia, in 1978. He practiced at the ‘Lake of the Wood Country Club’ and began driving better than many adult men by age 12. Collection of golf balls from water hazards showed his passion for the game.

When Daly moved to Zachary, Louisiana, in ninth grade, it was crucial. He discovered his niche as a punter and place-kicker for Helias High School after exploring baseball and football at Jefferson City High School in Missouri. Daly’s services helped win the 1983 Missouri state football championship. He held Helias kicking records and won the Missouri State Amateur Championship in the same year, demonstrating his versatility.

Helias won the 1983 state championship under Daly, highlighting his early golfing success. The golfer who would later make waves in the professional circuit showed his proficiency with the clubs, versatility, and determination on the field during this time.

John Daly Physical Appearance And More

Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Height5’11”, 180cm
Weight98Kg, 216lbs
Lucky Number9
Lucky Stone Emerald
Favorite ColorGreen

John Daly has unique qualities that make him stand out. His blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes complete his image. Daly is strong and athletic at 5’11” (180 inches) and 216 pounds (98 kilograms), which helps him on and off the golf course.

Daly’s choices reflect his personality as much as his appearance. He loves bright green and his lucky number is 9. His favorite gemstone is the emerald, showing his love of color.

These physical and personal features distinguish John Daly as a golfer and a person. Daly’s unusual attributes contribute to his diverse personality that has made him a notable figure in golf, whether he’s traversing the course or expressing his style. Read the whole article to grasp John Daly’s many details

John Daly  Personal Life

Marital statusDivorced
DivorcedDale Crafton​​ (1987–1990)​Bettye Fulford​​ (1992–1995)​Paulette Dean​​ (1995–1999)​Sherrie Miller​​ (2001–2007)​
WifeAnna Cladakis
Children3 (Son: John Patrick Daly II, Daughter: Sierra Lynn Daly, and Shynah Hale Daly)

Several key phases in John Daly’s marriage have complicated his personal life. Dale Crafton was the golfer’s first husband from 1987 to 1990, ending in divorce.

Daly married Bettye Fulford again in 1992. Their 1995 divorce followed marital problems despite having a child. Daly married Paulette Dean in 1995 and had another child. Their marriage ended in 1999 due to problems.

In 2001, Daly married Sherrie Miller after a brief courtship. Their relationship was rocky, leading to a 2007 divorce. Daly struggled with legal issues and other issues during these marriages, making her personal life difficult.

John Daly manages family life with Anna Cladakis despite his complicated former marriages. Daly overcomes obstacles to shape his personal life

The Career of John Daly

John Daly’s career began in 1987 with booming drives off the tee that quickly made him a tour star. Daly’s initial career peak came in 1991 when he won the PGA Championship after a remarkable comeback against Bruce Lietzke. This win made Daly famous in golf and a global star.

Daly won many events in the 1990s and became one of golf’s most exciting players. He won his second major at the Open Championship in a playoff over Costantino Rocca at St. Andrews in 1995, cementing his place as an era’s greatest. Despite these accomplishments, two-time major winner Daly has never played Ryder Cup.

His persistence and triumphs like the Buick Invitational earned him PGA TOUR Comeback Player of the Year in 2004. Multiple alcohol-related arrests, weight issues, and gambling addiction have plagued Daly’s career. Daly’s dedication has kept him famous in golf despite these challenges.

Beyond the fairways, Daly has continued his adventure on both the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour, underlining his undying passion to the sport. His enduring presence and ability to overcome difficulties have left an indelible impression on the world of golf.

John Daly’s Major Tournament Wins

TournamentYearPrize Money (USD)
PGA Championship1991$230,000
The Open Championship1995$155,000
The Open Championship1996$125,000
PGA Championship1995$360,000
The Open Championship2005$860,685
The Open Championship2000$771,000
The Open Championship2008$33,000
PGA Championship2004$90,000
PGA Championship2005$44,000
PGA Championship2010$17,600

John Daly won the PGA and Open Championships, earning big bucks.

Golfer John Daly is also a musician.

John Daly released his third album, “Whisky and Water,” combining his musical and golfing skills. This dance/electronic and folk CD has a unique feel. Guest appearances by Willie Nelson lend a unique touch to Daly’s musical undertaking, boosting its appeal.

Daly’s music goes beyond “Whisky and Water.” His prior albums, “My Life” and “I Only Know One Way,” demonstrate his musical originality. Daly has also written “My Life in and out of the Rough” and “Golf My Own Damn Way: Wit and Wisdom of John Daly.” His works, including “Grip It and Rip It,” reflect his golfing attitude and various interests off the course.

This multifaceted approach shows fans John Daly’s ability to seamlessly merge his passions, revealing his personality beyond the fairways. Daly continues to offer his talent and wisdom through music and literature.

PGA Tour Awards and Recognition 

GA Tour AwardsYearRecognition
PGA Tour Rookie of the Year1991Acknowledgment of immediate impact and breakthrough with PGA Championship win.
PGA Tour Comeback Player of the Year2004Recognition of Daly’s resilience and ability to rebound from setbacks.
Other RecognitionsYearRecognition
Old Tom Morris Award2002Awarded by GCSAA for significant and lasting impact on golf.
Best Male Athlete ESPY Award2004Recognition of Daly’s larger-than-life personality and achievements in golf.

Career Earnings and Expenses

YearTournament Earnings (USD)Endorsement Income (USD)Taxes Paid (USD)Expenses (USD)

John Daly Health Issues

John Daly published his third CD, “Whisky and Water,” a unique blend of music and golf. Willie Nelson’s cameo performances provide Daly’s dance/electronic and folk CD a unique mood and enhance its appeal.

After “Whisky and Water,” Daly released “My Life” and “I Only Know One Way,” demonstrating his musical creativity. The golfer-turned-musician wrote “My Life in and out of the Rough” and “Golf My Own Damn Way: Wit and Wisdom of John Daly.” His titles, including “Grip It and Rip It,” reflect his golfing attitude and his various interests off the field.

This holistic approach shows fans how John Daly smoothly integrates his passions, revealing his personality off the fairways. Daly shares his talent and wisdom through music and books.

Daly says he lost $55 million over 20 years.

John Daly revealed to Graham Bensinger in 2014 that he had lost $55 million over two decades gaming. The famous golfer discovered his gambling losses after reviewing his tax returns. Daly blamed his financial failure on his tendency to play numerous high-stakes hands at once, each involving thousands of dollars. This disclosure revealed the significant financial impact of his gambling on his fortune.

John Daly’s Earning

YearPGA Tour Career Earnings (USD)PGA Tour Champions Earnings (as of 4/2023) (USD)Sponsorship/EndorsementBusiness Ventures
Total Career$12.5 million$2,221,096Loudmouth (sponsorship)MoBetta Golf Tour, John Daly Pizza, Merch Store
2005$1,652,358$400,000Loudmouth (positive impact)

Despite losing $55 million gambling, John Daly had a net worth of $2 million. He makes money via the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, Loudmouth sponsorships, MoBetta Golf Tour, John Daly Pizza, and a personal merchandising store. Daly helped Loudmouth’s valuation rise from $800,000 to $3 million in a year after signing in 2009.

John Daly Endorsements

SponsorYearEndorsement Deal Value (USD)
Loudmouth Golf2010$100,000
Rock Bottom Golf2015$50,000
2K Sports2010$150,000
Daily’s Cocktails2012$250,000

Over the years, John Daly’s endorsements have made him rich. These endorsement deals with Wilson, Hooters, Loudmouth Golf, Reebok, Rock Bottom Golf, Srixon, Ruffles, 2K Sports, Daily’s Cocktails, and Skechers range in value.

Charity Work of John Daly

Golfing legend John Daly is also known for his philanthropy. Arkansas native Daly has shown kindness through many gestures. Daly donated $30,000 to the family of a lightning-killed victim after winning the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick Golf Club.

Daly supports many initiatives in Arkansas, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Through his support of Arkansas sports, he has increased his humanitarian work. Daly donates heavily to his high school to stay connected.

Daly shows his commitment to helping others by attending charity events like Celebrity Pro-Am Monday. Philanthropy has made Daly a golfing star and a compassionate and socially conscious person.

Drug Problems

In 1994, John Daly admitted that some PGA Tour players used cocaine, placing himself as one of the “cleanest” players in a proposed drug test. Despite these assertions, Daly struggled with addiction.

Daly’s swing coach left in 2008 owing to his drinking, revealing his addiction. That year, a severely intoxicated Daly was found outside a Hooters, culminating in a widely publicized mugshot and media frenzy despite no legal penalties.

Daly quit drinking after this encounter. His personal life and golf performance improved after embracing sobriety. Daly later revealed that his alcoholism stemmed from traumatic recollections of his alcoholic father. His abstinence has changed his life on and off the golf course.

Legal Issues

John Daly sued the “Florida Times-Union” for libel in 2005 after a columnist called him a “scoundrel.” Unfortunately, a judge dismissed Daly’s legal suit in 2009 due to a lack of evidence of defamation. To cover the newspaper’s legal bills, Daly had to pay almost $300,000.

John Daly Social Media Accounts

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John Daly net worth FAQs

1. John Daly’s net worth?

New estimates put John Daly’s net worth at $2 million.

2. How did John Daly get rich?

Professional golf made John Daly rich. Among his wins were the 1991 PGA Championship and 1995 Open Championship. Daly earned from sponsorships, business, music, and investments.

3. What are John Daly’s main income sources?

Golf tournaments, Wilson, Hooters, Loudmouth Golf, wine labels, golf course design companies, and music are John Daly’s main sources of income.

4. How much has John Daly earned golfing?

Golf earned John Daly over $10.2 million by February 20, 2023. He made $12 million from sanctioned events.

5. What have been John Daly’s career challenges?

John Daly has battled alcoholism, gambling, divorce, and health issues throughout his career. These concerns have impacted his finances despite his golf achievements.

6. John Daly lost how much?

A 2014 interview revealed John Daly’s $55 million waste. His enormous sum illustrates how gambling damaged him.

7. Which firms has John Daly invested in?

John Daly funded wine brands and golf course designers. He made money from non-golf ventures.

8. Is John Daly charitable?

Charity is John Daly’s forte. He donates to Make-A-Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Arkansas athletic events.

9. How has John Daly generated money sans golf?

John Daly gained money from golf, music, “Whisky & Water,” and game collaborations. A retail store, MoBetta Golf Tour, and John Daly Pizza, a pizza program for golf courses, restaurants, and convenience stores, are his businesses.


John Daly’s $2 million net worth shows his career ups and downs. Major championships and tournament wins as a professional golfer helped him financially. However, gambling losses, several divorces, and health issues have caused financial problems.

Daly has persevered and diversified his income to overcome these challenges. He has worked in business, investing, music, and gaming outside of golf. Famous brand sponsorships have also helped him get rich.

While Daly’s net worth may have been higher without gambling and personal issues, his ability to adapt and generate new money streams shows his entrepreneurial drive. As John Daly faces an uncertain future, his narrative reminds us that true riches is the ability to overcome adversity and impact professional athletics.

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