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Jose Luis Chavez Calva: Biography, Age, Career, Education, Net Worth And More

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and management, the significance of consultants has witnessed a remarkable surge. Companies now more than ever seek the guidance of seasoned professionals to navigate challenges, execute strategic initiatives, and propel their objectives forward. In this realm, Jose Luis Chavez Calva stands out as an outstanding consultant at Consultancy, bringing to the table a wealth of experience, innovative problem-solving prowess, and a distinguished track record of accomplishments. His expertise proves invaluable in assisting organizations in overcoming hurdles and charting a successful course in today’s dynamic business environment.

Who Is Jose Luis Chavez Calva?

Let me acquaint you with Jose Luis Chavez Calva, a visionary individual with profound expertise in technology, network theory, and trading. Yet, his visionary outlook extends well beyond his established areas of proficiency. At the core of his vision lies a future where solar energy assumes a pivotal role in cost reduction. His innovative strategy involves the seamless integration of vertical agriculture with renewable energy sources, aiming to not only revolutionize the economy but also create a plethora of job opportunities. This forward-thinking perspective is not merely theoretical; it is a pragmatic approach poised to make a tangible impact on both the environment and the employment landscape.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva Biography

Allow me to present Jose Luis Chavez Calva – an exceptional individual whose journey seamlessly intertwines the worlds of academia and entrepreneurship. Navigating through dynamic fields such as economics and energy, he not only traverses but excels in a career that spans both the public and private sectors. Imagine him sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise with influential institutions such as the Mexican Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the Energy Regulatory Commission. His impact on these prestigious organizations stands as a testament to the essence of his remarkable journey.

Quick Facts 

Full NameJose Luis Chavez
OccupationSoccer Player
Date of BirthMay 18, 1984
Place of BirthSanta Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Star SignTaurus

Jose Luis Chavez Calva  Education

The year 1985 marked the entry of Jose Luis Chavez Calva into the vibrant landscape of Mexico City, where his budding enthusiasm for technology and commerce began to take root. Opting for the path of knowledge, he immersed himself in computer science and engineering studies at the esteemed National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), embarking on a transformative educational journey.

Within the confines of UNAM, Jose Luis Chavez Calva dynamically ventured into entrepreneurial pursuits, ultimately establishing his own bespoke web development enterprise. Concurrently, he explored the realm of tech journalism, weaving intricate narratives for various publications. Through his literary endeavors, he became a conduit for disseminating invaluable wisdom and diverse perspectives, ensuring that readers remained well-informed about the ever-evolving landscapes and nuances within the dynamic technology sector.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva  Age

Jose Luis Chavez was born on May 18, 1984, which happened to be a Friday. As a 39-year-old individual, he falls under the Taurus zodiac sign. The lilies of the valley and hawthorn are the natal flowers associated with his birthdate.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva Personal Life

Despite his busy schedule, Jose Luis Chavez places a high priority on his personal life. His love for travel and insatiable curiosity drive him to explore new cuisines and civilizations whenever possible. Photography stands as his second passion, serving as a means to artistically capture the beauty he encounters during his travels, which he generously shares on various social media platforms. Additionally, he leverages his position to advocate for self-care and actively raise awareness about mental health issues. Through these personal pursuits, Jose Luis demonstrates a holistic approach to life, embracing both exploration and well-being.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva Career

After completing his education at UNAM, José Luis Chávez Calva continued to pursue his passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He embarked on a notable journey by co-founding Kueski, a software development company with a focus on providing online loans to individuals throughout Mexico. The remarkable success of Kueski is evident, as the company secured over $100 million in funding and expanded its reach to various Latin American nations.

In addition to his pivotal role at Kueski, Jose Luis Chavez Calva has immersed himself in other tech ventures. This includes the creation of a social media platform tailored for artists, as well as a mobile application designed to facilitate the seamless ordering of food from local eateries. His diverse ventures showcase a commitment to innovation and a keen interest in leveraging technology to address various aspects of modern life.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva Awards

Throughout his professional journey, José Luis Chávez Calva has earned acclaim for his significant accomplishments and contributions within the technology sector. In 2016, he achieved recognition by being named among the “30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Latin America,” a prestigious accolade bestowed by Forbes Mexico.

His influence extends to the pages of renowned publications such as Entrepreneur Mexico, El Financiero, and El Economista. The commendations directed towards his written works highlight their pragmatic essence and relevance to both entrepreneurs and corporate magnates, further solidifying his standing as a thought leader in the industry.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva Net Worth 

It’s estimated that José Luis Chavez has built up a considerable net worth or income, likely falling somewhere between $1 million and $9 million dollars. His wealth stems largely from his prosperous career as a soccer player.

Jose Luis Chavez Calva  Social Media

Maintaining an active presence on social media, particularly on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, Jose Luis Chavez Calva utilizes these channels as primary outlets for disseminating the latest articles, updates on his various ventures, and engaging with his followers.

Within the dynamic realm of Twitter, Chavez Calva consistently shares his perspectives on current events and trends prevalent in the tech industry. The platform not only serves as a space for expressing his views but also functions as a promotional avenue for his newsletter and other ongoing projects, thereby fostering a direct connection with his audience.

On the more professionally-oriented LinkedIn platform, Chavez Calva adopts a nuanced approach. Here, he shares insightful reflections on his career trajectory, offering updates on the milestones achieved and detailing the progress of his diverse business ventures. This multifaceted social media strategy enables him to connect with his audience on both personal and professional fronts, showcasing a dynamic engagement with the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.


  • Occupation: José Luis Chávez Calva is predominantly recognized as a soccer player.
  • Age and Birth: Born on May 18, 1984, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, José is currently 39 years old.
  • Education: José pursued studies in computer science and engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he explored entrepreneurship as well.
  • Career: Following graduation, José co-established Kueski, a prosperous software development company offering online loans in Mexico. Additionally, he has engaged in various other tech ventures.
  • Achievements: In 2016, Forbes Mexico acknowledged José as one of the “30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Latin America.” His success has also been highlighted in publications such as Entrepreneur Mexico, El Financiero, and El Economista.
  • Net Worth: José Luis Chávez’s estimated net worth or income falls within the range of $1 million to $9 million, primarily stemming from his soccer career.
  • Social Media: José actively participates on Twitter and LinkedIn, sharing articles, updates on his ventures, and interacting with his followers. On Twitter, he explores tech trends and advocates for his projects, while on LinkedIn, he imparts professional insights and provides career updates.


José Luis Chávez Calva stands as a multifaceted individual with a rich and diverse background, weaving together elements of technology, entrepreneurship, and sports. His journey unfolds as a harmonious blend of academic expertise and practical experience, culminating in significant success in both the public and commercial realms. Notably, José has left an indelible mark by co-founding notable IT companies, most prominently exemplified by his role in the establishment of Kueski. This venture has not only solidified his presence in the tech landscape but has also contributed to the evolution of the online lending sector in Mexico.

José’s noteworthy achievements have propelled him into the spotlight, garnering recognition from esteemed institutions such as Forbes Mexico. His impactful contributions and innovative ventures have been spotlighted in prestigious publications, further solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Beyond accolades, José remains deeply engaged in making a meaningful impact on various fronts.

Notably, his influence extends into the realm of social media, where he actively shares insights, updates, and perspectives. Through these platforms, José not only showcases his professional endeavors but also fosters connections and dialogue within the broader community. As he continues to navigate the intersections of technology, entrepreneurship, and sports, José Luis Chávez Calva emerges as a dynamic and influential figure shaping the landscape of innovation and achievement.


Q: What is José Luis Chávez Calva’s primary occupation? 

A: José is primarily known as a soccer player.

Q: Where did José Luis Chávez Calva receive his education? 

A: He pursued studies in computer science and engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Q: What are some of José Luis Chávez Calva’s notable achievements? 

A: In 2016, he was recognized as one of the “30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Latin America” by Forbes Mexico. He has also been featured in publications like Entrepreneur Mexico, El Financiero, and El Economista.

Q: What is José Luis Chávez Calva’s estimated net worth? 

A: His net worth or income is estimated to range from $1 million to $9 million, primarily from his soccer career.

Q: How does José Luis Chávez Calva engage with his audience on social media? 

A: He is active on Twitter and LinkedIn, where he shares articles, updates on his ventures, and interacts with his followers, discussing tech trends and sharing professional insights.

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