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Paola Franchi: Life of an Interior Designer and Maurizio Gucci’s Beloved

Meet Paola Franchi, a dynamic Italian professional born on November 17, 1953, whose talents span across various realms, including interior design, art, literature, and fashion modeling.

In her captivating 2010 autobiography, titled “L’amore spezzato” (meaning “The Broken Love” in English), Paola delves into the intricate layers of her relationship with Maurizio Gucci. Their love story takes center stage, unfolding against the backdrop of a complex and ever-evolving social and cultural landscape.

The narrative takes a poignant turn in 1995 when Maurizio Gucci, Paola’s partner at the time, met a tragic end. The circumstances surrounding his brutal demise add a layer of intensity to their shared history, marrying their love story with an unforeseen and heart-wrenching twist.

Paola’s life narrative unfolds into an engrossing investigation of human feelings, providing an insight into the complexities of love and grief. She creates a story that speaks to the larger social and cultural backdrop in addition to reflecting personal experiences against the backdrop of their era. Paola Franchi’s journey is a testament to the complexities of relationships, echoing the universal themes of love, heartbreak, and the ever-shifting landscapes of life.


NamePaola Franchi
Date of BirthNovember 17, 1953
Birth PlaceMilan, Lombardy, Italy
Age69 Years Old
HometownMilan, Lombardy
ProfessionArtist, Author, Interior Designer, Model
College/UniversityAccademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy
Zodiac SignScorpio
SpouseGiorgio Colombo (1983-1991)
PartnerMaurizio Gucci (1990–1995; his death)
Net Worth$1 Million

Paola Franchi Early Life

Paola Franchi came into the world in the vibrant city of Milan back in 1953. Her roots and upbringing were firmly planted in Milan, where she embarked on her educational journey at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

Her story intertwines beautifully with Maurizio Gucci’s from an early age; they shared a friendship that fate seemed to have woven tightly. Growing up side by side, their lives became inseparable threads in the fabric of their shared experiences.

When Maurizio Gucci tied the knot with Patrizia Reggiani in 1972, Paola Franchi was not just a passive guest at their wedding. Her presence there spoke volumes about the deep connection she shared with Maurizio. It’s a testament to the enduring nature of childhood friendships that can withstand the test of time.

Paola Franchi Profession

Paola stands out as a luminary in the world of interior design, carrying a renowned name as an Italian artist. Her knack for creativity and skill has carved a special place for her, especially among the high-profile circles. Her artistic flair isn’t just a title – it’s seen in the stunning homes she’s transformed. From influential business tycoons to well-known celebrities, her clientele speaks volumes about her impressive craft.

Paola Franchi Relationship With Maurizio Gucci

Paola Franchi entered matrimony with Giorgio Colombo, a titan in the copper industry, during the early 1980s. Their bundle of joy arrived in 1985, a son they named Charly.

However, Paola’s life took a significant turn in 1990 when she crossed paths with fashion and luxury mogul Maurizio Gucci. Their meeting, set in the exclusive private club of Saint Moritz, marked a pivotal moment. Both were ensnared in tumultuous marriages, struggling in their own ways.

Their encounter sparked a deep connection, leading Paola to move into Maurizio Gucci’s apartment on Milan’s Corso Venezia. As Gucci finalized his divorce from Reggiani in 1994, their bond intensified, and thoughts of marriage began to blossom. Plans for a wedding at Gucci’s St. Moritz estate were rumored to be in motion.

However, Maurizio’s daughter, Allegra Gucci, vehemently denied Franchi’s assertions about her father’s intentions to marry Paola. Sheree McLaughlin Loud, Gucci’s girlfriend from 1984 to 1990, also shared her side, revealing that Gucci’s reluctance to marry her had ended their relationship.

The narrative took a tragic turn in 1995 when a hired assassin took Maurizio Gucci’s life. Following the shocking murder, Paola Franchi faced a sudden eviction notice from Gucci’s ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, within hours of Maurizio’s demise.

Left reeling from the loss, Paola departed from her opulent abode. Meanwhile, Reggiani lived with her daughters until her arrest in 1997.

Reggiani’s legal woes deepened in 1998 when she was sentenced to 29 years for orchestrating Gucci’s assassination. Envy supposedly drove her to prevent Franchi and Gucci from marrying, a union that could have significantly impacted Reggiani’s alimony.

This intricate tale of love, envy, and tragedy encapsulates a bygone era in the realm of high fashion and luxury, maintaining an air of mystery and allure even in its complexities.

Personal Life

The pain Paola Franchi endured when her 16-year-old son, Charly Colombo, tragically took his own life in 2001 was immeasurable. Yet, from that heart-wrenching loss emerged a profound purpose. Driven by her grief, Paola committed herself wholeheartedly to a cause close to her heart – “L’Amico Charly,” a charitable foundation created in loving memory of her son. This foundation became a beacon of hope, reaching out to troubled teens, especially those grappling with thoughts of suicide.

In 2016, Paola vehemently refuted any insinuation that her relationship with Maurizio Gucci was rooted in financial motives. She emphasized, “In fact, my previous husband, whom I left for Maurizio, was even wealthier, so such assumptions hold no truth.” Her candid comment sheds light on the fact that her decisions were guided by emotions and personal experiences, rather than monetary considerations.

What Happened To Paola Franchi? 

Following the gripping saga portrayed in the “House of Gucci” series, there was widespread curiosity surrounding the fate of the designer and the intricate layers of the narrative. Questions lingered about Paola Franchi’s involvement, payment, and the leadership at Gucci.

It’s worth noting that Paola Franchi wasn’t entitled to Maurizio’s fortune due to their unmarried status at the time of his untimely passing. Despite media portrayals casting her as a glamorous fortune seeker, Paola has steadfastly maintained that their relationship was rooted in genuine love.

For those curious about the portrayal of Paola Franchi in the film adaptation, Camille Cottin stepped into the role with aplomb. Known for her stellar performance in “Killing Eve,” Cottin embodied the character of Paola Franchi, capturing the essence of the Italian interior designer entwined in the poignant tale of Maurizio Gucci’s tragic demise.

Where Is Paola Franchi Now? 

Before encountering Maurizio, Paola had already carved out a name for herself in the realms of modeling and interior design. Her innate sense of style and design not only defined her professional identity but also formed a deeper connection with Maurizio before his sudden passing.

Amidst the heart-wrenching losses of Maurizio and her son, writing became a solace and a means of expression for Paola. Her memoir, “L’amore Spezzato,” translating to “broken love,” serves as a poignant account detailing the intricate layers of her relationship with her late partner. The recent buzz around “House of Gucci” in theaters has piqued widespread interest in Paola’s book, drawing more attention to her captivating story.

According to sources like OtakuKart, Paola hasn’t ventured into new romantic relationships since Maurizio’s demise. While she isn’t actively seeking companionship at the moment, she remains open to the possibility in the future. Enduring various tribulations, from facing accusations of using Maurizio for his wealth to coping with the tragic loss of her boyfriend and son, Paola’s resilience shines through as she perseveres through life’s challenging moments.

Paola Franchi Net Worth

Paola Franchi, a multi-talented Italian, wears many hats – artist, novelist, interior designer, and former model. As of 2023, her net worth stood at $1 million.

Her tie to the illustrious “Gucci” dynasty adds an intriguing layer to Paola’s story, connecting her with the fashion-forward legacy of Gucci.

Paola’s journey took a captivating turn, transitioning from the world of modeling to the realm of writing. Her book, “The Broken Love,” delves into her intimate relationship with Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of Gucci’s founder. This autobiography promises to captivate readers interested in fashion, love tales, and personal narratives. It unravels their intricate and, in some ways, unresolved love story, adding a unique dimension to the Gucci legacy.


Paola Franchi’s life weaves an enthralling tapestry of art, love, heartache, and unwavering strength. While her substantial wealth and ties to the Gucci dynasty have drawn attention, her autobiography unravels the complex layers of her relationship with Maurizio Gucci, offering a deeper insight into her life.

Amidst her trials, including the devastating loss of her son and her dedication to helping troubled teens through her charity, Paola emerges as a beacon of courage and empathy. She adamantly asserts that her connection with Maurizio was rooted in love, challenging the misconceptions that surround it.

Even after the “House of Gucci” spotlight, Paola’s narrative remains compelling, unveiling a bygone era of high fashion intertwined with enduring emotions, continuing to captivate those intrigued by her remarkable journey

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