Kimbella Matos before surgery

Kimbella Matos: A Look Back Before the Plastic Surgery Transformation

Kimbella Matos is an American model, presenter, and brand influencer. Pre-op images of Kimbella Matos are popular. Presenter, brand influencer, and Onlyfans model. The second season of Love & Hip Hop: New York features Kimbella. She appeared in multiple cameos before becoming a regular in season 7. In seasons 9 and 10, she was a prominent cast member. Steamy photos have dominated the attention. Kimbella appeared in Moriece’s “Nude” music video. 

Kimbella Matos reveals her plastic surgery transformation

Kimbella Plastic Surgery Journey at Mia Aesthetics By Dr. Mehio

Real-life star Kimbella Matos is showing off her whole surgical makeover online. She went to Colombia for her change and told Instagram.

Kimbella claimed she got Botox, lip filler, and a facial. Kimbella praised her cosmetic nurse in a quick Instagram Vlog, stating, “She does everything!” This facial, filler and Botox were wonderful. Margie treated us like family. Visit her in Cali, Colombia, for a refreshing look!

Reality actress Kimbella was operated on and posted a live video. Kimbella, 37, appeared to have had liposuction near her tummy, where her doctor showed abs. “I seen them abs you creating so I came to get them!” She wrote.

“Love and Hip Hop” star added: “@lluxerecovery” Junito y Wife, your crew and recuperation house are hidden gems! If you’re going to Cali, Colombia for elective surgery, dental design, or smiling, this resort has you covered all day! So glad Junito is my people’s, so I trusted it, but once I saw for myself, he had this recovery thing on lock! Thank you Junito.”

 Kimbella Matos before surgery and after surgery

She shows her post-surgery results at 50 seconds in her vlog. Kimbella has had surgery before. The model had a Brazilian butt lift weeks after giving birth to Juelz Santana James in 2019. She called this treatment a “touch-up” on Instagram.

New York’s Love and Hip Hop star enlarged her breasts and moved fat from her love handles to her buttocks. She underwent a belly tuck, but some thought she had nose work.

Overview of Kimbella Matos’s Bio

Full name Kimbella Matos
Birth date April 15, 1996
BirthplaceSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Age (As of 2023)27 years old
Zodiac SignAries
Ethnicity Afro-American 
Marital statusMarried
Famous ForHaving a Relationship with singer Safaree Samuel
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
ProfessionInstagram Star, Adult Model
Networth $550k USD

Is Kimbella Matos’s Real Name? Her Parents and Children

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Kimbella Matos was born April 15, 1996. Her real name is Kimbella Vanderhee. She concealed her Afro-American heritage. An Aries, Matos. Deeply Christian, she is. She never reveals her parents’ names in writing or media.

Google has well-covered Kimbella Matos.

Being from Santo Domingo, we assume she went to primary and high school there. She currently enjoys discussing her degrees and university memories. The Ace New York headquarters employed her as a club dancer. Kimbella Matos is a full-time adult model who has studied her field. Dr. Gebal Matos alone responded on her Instagram photo. He may be related to the Kimbellas. His Instagram page shows Dr. Gebal Matos is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Kimbella may have had all her cosmetic surgery done by Gebal Matos.

Kimbella Matos Career

Kimbell Matos, who no longer models, has been candid about her fitness on social media.  Her TikTok shows her dancing, but her Instagram shows she likes traveling. Before becoming famous, Kimbella danced in Aces New York Venue.

Her Only Fans account has 3,299 subscribers and 58 exclusive videos. In her Instagram bio, she says she hosts. Whose radio station she hosted is unclear. According to her LinkedIn profile, Privileged Model Agency & Perfectly Petite Models, Inc. contacts her for modeling opportunities.

Who is Kimbella Matos’ Husband?

Juelz Santana and Kimbella Matos

Juelz Santana and model Kimbella Vanderhee are divorcing. A music video featuring American rapper Safaree Samuels and Brazilian model Kimbella Matos aired online on August 11, 2022. Rapper Safaree discussed his relationship with Kimbella after the 10-minute video aired. In 2022, Kimbella and Safaree revealed their romance. Their marital status is unknown.

While filming Juelz’s Chris Brown-assisted single “Back To The Crib,” they met in 2009. In 2018, the Dipset rapper proposed at New York City’s Apollo Theater after two children and over a decade of dating. Before Juelz’s weapons and narcotics prison sentence, they married two months later. While in prison, they had a third child.

Kimbella Shares Juelz Santana New Music, Overcoming Addiction, Cheating Rumors + More

After dating Nicki Minaj from 2000 to 2014, Safaree began dating Kimbella. His 2019 marriage to TV personality Erica Mina ended in 2022. Before her marriage, Safaree had two kids. His children are Shamika and Samantha Samuels. Kimbella’s boyfriend became famous after appearing on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Kimbella and Juelz Santana had their third child. Juelz also showed off his body in prison in 2019. Juelz seems focused on music, not the divorce. It was announced this week that he would release We In Motion with DJ Drama.

Facts about Kimbella Matos

  • Los Angeles is where Kimbella Matos was born.
  • Kimbella Matos is Aries.
  • Kimbella gave OnlyFans exclusive content.
  • She danced in Ace’s New York nightclub.
  • Kimbella routinely posts gym selfies and fitness photographs on Instagram.
  • Over 858K people follow her on this network.
  • She frequently travels, including to Jamaica in 2019.
  • Kimbella posts short dancing videos on @realkimbellamatos’ TikTok account.

Kimbella Matos’s Net Worth

How rich is Kimbella Matos? Our careful investigation of Kimbella Matos’s work revealed that she works full-time in adult modeling. Moriece’s “Nude” music video featured her as a model. To vacation in luxury, she flew to Jamaica in 2019. For $16.50 USD, Kimbella sells her naked footage on Onlyfans for three months. According to August 2023 estimates, Kimbella was worth $550,000 USD.

Kimbella Matos Social Media

Kimbella, who is a model, is well-known on TikTok and Instagram (with the username kimbellamatos). The most attention is currently being paid to her stunning photographs.


How do we reach Kimbella Matos?

Emailing the celebrity representative is usually preferable. Celebrities receive many messages on social media, especially from followers, so yours may get lost. Instagram filters messages well, so your messages may not reach the celebrity. Alternatively, attract celebrity attention on Instagram. Try sending a direct message, even if celebs disable it. Comment on celebrity posts and photographs. Celebrities may respond to comments at any time.

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Faqs about Kimbella Matos before surgery

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Kimbella Matos before her plastic surgery transformation:

Who is Kimbella Matos?

Kimbella Matos is an American model, presenter, and brand influencer known for her appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

What was Kimbella’s career before plastic surgery?

Kimbella was famous as a club dancer at Ace New York and then on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” before her plastic surgery. She modeled and influenced on social media.

What was her relationship status before her plastic surgery transformation?

Kimbella was previously married to rapper Juelz Santana and had two children with him. However, their marriage faced challenges due to Juelz Santana’s legal issues.

Did Kimbella have any notable relationships before her plastic surgery transformation?

Kimbella dated rapper Safaree Samuels after his relationship with Nicki Minaj ended in 2014.

What was Kimbella’s net worth before her plastic surgery transformation?

Before her transformation, Kimbella’s estimated net worth was around $550,000 USD, primarily earned through her modeling career and social media ventures.

What platforms was Kimbella active on before her surgery?

Kimbella was active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she shared fitness, travel, and modeling content.

Did Kimbella have any other notable career achievements before her plastic surgery?

Kimbella appeared as a regular cast member on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in seasons 7, 9, and 10, which significantly contributed to her fame.

Was Kimbella known for anything else before her plastic surgery transformation?

Yes, Kimbella appeared in the music video for Moriece’s song “Nude.” 


Kimbella Matos Before her notable plastic surgery transformation, had already made a name for herself as an American model, presenter, and brand influencer. Her journey from a club dancer to a reality TV star and social media sensation reflects her dynamic career path. While her personal life has been marked by high-profile relationships and challenges, Kimbella’s ability to leverage her fame and build a substantial net worth through modeling and online ventures demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit. As she continues to evolve in the world of entertainment and beauty, Kimbella Matos remains a figure of intrigue and fascination for her fans.

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