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Who is Shannon Sharpe? Shannon Sharpe Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Personal life, Career, Awards And More


The ex-sports icon has showcased his remarkable skills, bringing immense pride to his country. With years of dedication, he graced the teams of the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League. Additionally, he’s known for co-hosting a television program alongside Skip Bayless and Shannon.

Shannon Sharpe Net Worth

The rumor about Shannon Sharpe’s wealth has been circulating around fans and the media for some time now. Although the precise amount is unknown, it is believed to be in the neighborhood of $10–14 million dollars. This covers the money he makes from both his job as a sports pundit and his professional football career.

Shannon allegedly earned almost $900,000 in pay while playing on the field, not to mention the lucrative endorsement deals that piled up over time. He gave up playing and moved into sports analysis and commentary, which has been a reliable source of money for him.

These days, he’s co-hosting “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” on FOX News. Though the exact figures are hush-hush, it’s guessed that he rakes in roughly half of what Skip Bayless, his co-host, makes. That could mean about 3 million dollars annually, a hefty sum adding to his overall net worth.

Shannon Sharpe’s success on and off the field is clear from his bank balance. Despite the guesstimates, it’s evident that his hard work in sports has translated into a substantial fortune.

Who is Shannon Sharpe?

Shannon Sharpe played tight end in the NFL for 14 seasons, the majority of which he spent with the Denver Broncos. Currently ranked third in terms of receiving touchdowns, receiving yards, and tight end catches, he is a legendary player in his own right. He broke the record of 10,000 receiving yards as the first tight end and was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

He started his adventure as a Savannah State Tigers college football player, ripping it up. Seeing the spark of talent, the Broncos selected him in the seventh round of the 1990 NFL Draft. He was selected for seven consecutive Pro Bowls, four first-team All-Pro choices, and two back-to-back Super Bowl victories during his 12-year tenure in Denver. After that, he spent two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, where he won a third Super Bowl and was selected to the Pro Bowl for the eighth time. He owned NFL tight end records for touchdowns, receiving yards, and catches when he retired.

After retiring, he changed careers and landed a fantastic job as a sports analyst for CBS Sports’ The NFL Today. In addition, he collaborated with Skip Bayless to co-host Skip and Shannon: Undisputed on Fox Sports 1 from 2016 until 2023, contributing a plethora of football expertise to the show.

Shannon Sharpe Biography

Shannon Sharpe is the true name of the former football tight end, and he uses the same moniker on the job. His hometown is Chicago, Illinois, and he is an American citizen. Refer to the table below for further information.


Birth NameShannon Sharpe
Mononym (Nick Name)Shannon Sharpe
Profession(s)Former American football tight end
Birth LocationChicago, Illinois, United States
Birth Date26-Jun-68
Age as in [year]54 years old
Height1.88 m
Height in Feet6 feet and 2 inches
Height in cm188 cm
Weight103 kg
Weight in pounds227 pounds
Dates withYes (Katy Kellner)
Marital ConditionIn a relationship
Daughter and SonYes (3 children)
Net Worth$15 million


Interested in Shannon Sharpe’s age? Here’s the scoop on his birthplace and birthday. Our findings show that he was born on June 26, 1968, making him 54 years old presently. Our research indicates that he was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.


Fans often want to know all about their favorite celebrities, especially when it comes to their physical traits. For Shannon Sharpe, he stands tall at 1.88 meters and weighs around 103 kilograms. It’s worth noting that weight can fluctuate, but this is the latest update on his weight.


Shannon Sharpe went to Glenville High School, where he worked hard to overcome some academic hurdles. Despite the challenges, he graduated and went on to attend Savannah State University, studying criminal justice. In 1989, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, showing his determination to succeed.

Personal Life

Shannon Sharpe had quite the upbringing. He’s the younger brother of NFL star wide receiver Sterling Sharpe. They hailed from Glennville, Georgia, and Shannon proved himself as a standout athlete at Glenville High School, excelling in three sports.

He’s been candid about his academic struggles, jokingly saying he didn’t graduate magna cum laude but rather as “Thank you, lawdy.” At Savannah State, he not only played football and basketball but also dabbled in track and field, showcasing his talents in jumping and throwing events. He truly was an all-around sportsman.


Shannon Sharpe faced tough times early on in life—his parents split when he was a mere 3 months old. Tragedy struck again when his father passed away from lung cancer during his 8th grade year, leaving a deep impact on the Sharpe family.

Raised by their grandmother, Mary Porter, alongside his two siblings in Glennville, Georgia, Shannon knew the challenges of growing up in a low-income household. To make ends meet, he worked tirelessly in farms and tobacco fields. In a bizarre turn of events, one night, a robber broke into their home. Despite their own hardships, the family’s financial situation was so dire that Shannon and his brother ended up taking from the robber.


Shannon Sharpe, a pro football player, kicked off his athletic journey at Savannah State University. He wasn’t just into football and basketball; he also ventured into track and field. His skills shone bright enough for him to bag the SIAC Player of the Year award in 1987. In 1990, the Denver Broncos picked him as their first-round overall pick.

He hit his stride in the 1999 NFL season as a regular starter, snagging Super Bowl Rings and even featuring on Wheaties boxes with his Broncos teammates. A move to the Baltimore Ravens in 2002 led to a two-season stint, culminating in a Super Bowl win at XXXV. He later returned to the Denver Broncos for one more season before calling it a career.

Post-retirement, Shannon joined CBS Sports as a commentator on ‘The NFL Today.’ His TV appearances expanded to shows like the Subway Postgame Show and Sprint Halftime Report. Hosting gigs followed suit, including a show alongside Boomer Esiason and Dan Marino, celebrating the greatest NFL quarterbacks.

His prowess earned him a spot in the NCAA Division II Football Hall of Fame and, shortly after, a well-deserved place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in February 2011.


Shannon Sharpe stands tall as one of the NFL’s finest players ever. His sheer physical prowess, coupled with relentless dedication, sculpted him into a powerhouse. His career boasts incredible feats: he’s clinched three Super Bowl championships, bagged eight Pro Bowl titles, earned four First-Team All-Pro nods, and secured a well-deserved place in the Denver Broncos Hall of Fame, just to name a few of his remarkable achievements.

Shannon Sharpe Wife

Shannon Sharpe, the ex-NFL star, has kept much of his personal life away from the spotlight. Although never married, he had a significant relationship with Katy Kellner. Their interracial relationship drew attention, especially in Los Angeles, where they were often spotted together.

In 2016, Shannon and Katy got engaged, but unfortunately, their love story didn’t last. Things took a turn when Katy announced her pregnancy in 2018, though the baby wasn’t Shannon’s; it was revealed to belong to another fitness instructor named Marlon Byrd. This revelation led to the end of their relationship.

During their time together, Shannon and Katy shared a home and lived with three dogs. Katy has since moved on and now works as a Flywheel fitness instructor. Shannon, while keeping his personal life private, remains highly regarded in football circles, celebrated for his stellar career on the field and his insightful commentary on TV.

Shannon Sharpe Kids

Shannon Sharpe may not have walked down the aisle, but he’s a devoted dad to three wonderful kids—two daughters named Kaley and Kayla, and a son named Kiari. Though they don’t live with him, Shannon takes his role as a father seriously and makes sure they’re provided for. They’re spread across Florida, Georgia, and other areas.

In interviews, Shannon emphasizes being a family guy, caring for both his kids and his parents. He’s keen on planning for the future, evident in his focus on his pension. Even with his bustling career as a football star and TV personality, Shannon always puts his family first.

His commitment to being a loving and responsible father, despite not being married, truly speaks volumes about his character and values. His actions show his deep care and dedication to his children, making it clear that family matters most to him.

Social Media

Shannon is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. You can find him on Instagram with the handle @shannonsharpe84, where he has a whopping 2.1 million followers. On Twitter, his handle is @shannonsharpe, and he’s been amassing followers since joining in September 2011—currently boasting over 1.5 million of them.


Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL star, made a significant impact in football both as a player and a sports commentator. His success on the field, primarily with the Denver Broncos and later the Baltimore Ravens, contributed to his estimated net worth of $15 million. Post-retirement, his transition into sports analysis further added to his earnings, notably through co-hosting shows like “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.”

Key Facts:

  1. Net Worth: Estimated at $15 million, accumulated through his NFL career, endorsement deals, and sports punditry.
  2. Football Career: Played as a tight end for 14 seasons, mainly with the Denver Broncos, achieving numerous records and accolades, including Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 2011.
  3. TV Career: Transitioned into sports analysis after retiring, notably working with CBS Sports and co-hosting “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1.
  4. Personal Life: Shannon Sharpe is from Chicago, Illinois, and attended Savannah State University, majoring in Criminal Justice. He’s the younger brother of NFL star Sterling Sharpe and has been candid about his challenging upbringing and family struggles.


What is Shannon Sharpe’s net worth?

Estimated at $15 million, derived from his NFL career, endorsements, and sports analysis roles.

What teams did Shannon Sharpe play for in the NFL?

He spent most of his NFL career with the Denver Broncos and later played for the Baltimore Ravens.

How many Super Bowls did Shannon Sharpe win?

Sharpe won three Super Bowls, two with the Denver Broncos and one with the Baltimore Ravens.

What is Shannon Sharpe’s current career focus?

He’s known for his sports analysis work, particularly co-hosting “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1.

Is Shannon Sharpe married?

No, Shannon Sharpe has never been married but has had significant relationships, notably with Katy Kellner.

How many children does Shannon Sharpe have?

He has three children—two daughters

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