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Dawn Heupel: Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki and Meet Josh Heupel Wife

Dawn Dell, better known as Dawn Heupel, is the wife of American football coach and player Josh Heupel. She married American football player Josh Heupel, making her prominent in sports and society.

Coach and player Josh Heupel had a distinguished career in American football. His sports success and ingenuity are legendary.

American football involves Dawn Heupel, Josh’s wife. Her passion, support, and commitment in her husband’s career have helped him thrive. Josh’s football career has benefited from her encouragement.


Full NameDawn Heupel
Birth placeAberdeen, South Dakota, USA
Age40 years old
High SchoolAberdeen Central High School
UniversityNorth Dakota State University
ProfessionFormer Athlete and Architect

Dawn Heupel Height & Weight

Dawn Heupel is beautiful and charismatic. She is graceful and confident at 5’7″. Her 57-kilogram weight reflects her commitment to health.

Dawn’s appearance reflects her inner vitality. Her figure is lovely and a testament to her attention to health. Her warm, deep brown eyes and golden blonde hair lend shine to her appearance.

Dawn Heupel is beautiful and poised beyond her physical measurements. Her presence shows the balance of physical and personal traits, making her not only gorgeous but also intriguing and charming to all who meet her.

Dawn Heupel Career and Education

Dawn’s college career was extraordinary. Her volleyball and basketball skills were complemented by her violin playing. Her academic achievements included a collegiate architecture degree.

Dawn excelled in volleyball and basketball in college. Her drive, skill, and commitment to sports shaped her college’s athletic programs. She was a standout athlete noted for her performance and sportsmanship.

Dawn’s talents went beyond sports. Her musical abilities matched her varied personality. Her violin talents enhanced her already remarkable repertoire.

Dawn excelled academically, musically, and athletically. She graduated from college with an architecture degree, demonstrating her intelligence and dedication.

In 2019, Josh Heupel told UCF Knights, “She was a good athlete and involved in a million things.” This sentence aptly captures Dawn’s versatility and ability to succeed in many areas.

Dawn’s undergraduate years showed her extraordinary talents and unwavering dedication to athletics and academics. Her remarkable abilities allow her to balance and flourish in these varied aspects of her life.

While in high school, Dawn Heupel met Josh Heupel

Dawn and Josh Heupel are from Aberdeen, South Dakota, Josh’s hometown. It’s a touching small-town tale. They met at Aberdeen Central High School when they were 16. Life has a way of bringing people together unexpectedly.

Their platonic relationship became a deep friendship. That friendship turned into a lasting love tale, according to the story.

Dawn and Josh dated periodically in high school, as teens do. Despite adolescent turmoil, their relationship lasted. They shared something special that kept them together.

Then they understood they were meant to be together. They took the plunge and committed to a lifetime together. They exchanged meaningful vows in front of family and friends, committing their love to marriage.

What began as two adolescents from the same hometown attending the same high school became a beautiful love story of friendship, perseverance, and a lifetime of shared ambitions and travels. Dawn and Josh Heupel’s love tale shows the power of unexpected love.

Dawn and Josh Heupel Marriage

Former football star Josh Heupel found love and friendship with his wife, Dawn. Even though their wedding date is a secret, their decade-long marriage is a tribute to their love.

Together at Aberdeen Central High School in 1994, their incredible story began. Fate placed them in the same class, sparking a relationship that would become a passionate affair. With its ups and downs, high school saw them navigate teenage love, dating on and off.

Their bond was unmistakable, and their paths crossed again, culminating in their wedding vows. Their relationship remains strong after 28 years, a tribute to their love story.

Dawn routinely attends social events with her husband, demonstrating a happy and healthy marriage. Those who observe it can see their lasting bond.

Dawn has protected her personal details from the media despite their public prominence. This privacy commitment shows the couple’s determination to protect their personal lives amid fame.

Josh and Dawn Heupel’s love story is one of enduring love and commitment that began in high school and has grown stronger with each passing year, protected by seclusion. Even in the spotlight, their love story inspires and captivates.

Dawn and Josh Heupel Kids

Josh Heupel and his adored wife, Dawn, are a dynamic duo and proud parents of two great children, Jack and Hannah. They are a close, happy family of four.

Jack and Hannah are more than names—they are energetic and enthusiastic. They share their father’s love of athletics and ambition to succeed in their own ways.

Hannah, the family’s artistic muse, brightens up their home with music and dance. She enjoys playing tennis, golf, basketball, and volleyball, bringing her artistic flair to sports. Her strong competition, which amazes her father, distinguishes her. Her fire personality shows her commitment and fervour in athletics.

However, Jack, the family sports fan, loves baseball, football, and basketball. His enthusiasm for these sports shows in his enjoyment of the game. Spending quality time together strengthens the father-son bond and emphasises family. Josh Heupel loves his family unconditionally and showers them with affection.

Hannah and Jack love football more than simply casually. Their passion for the game goes beyond casual interest. Josh Heupel says his children feel like they belong to football, which helps them grow.

Josh and his daughter Hannah watch football together on game days. TV time is about sharing and connecting, not just watching. Hannah’s curiosity even prompts her to challenge her father’s play-calling judgments, improving her game knowledge. 

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 3 inches
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBrown 

Dawn Heupel on Social Media

While football star Josh Heupel tweets @coachjoshheupel, his wife Dawn Heupel is absent from Instagram. We found no Instagram account for her despite our best efforts.

Josh’s Twitter activity is impressive. As of 2023, he has 142.8k loyal followers, thus his tweets about football, sports, and his personal life are likely to appeal with a wide audience.

How public figures pick communication and interaction platforms is fascinating. Josh’s Twitter account keeps fans and followers updated, even though Dawn isn’t on Instagram. Josh Heupel’s Twitter account is a perfect example of how public figures’ lives and hobbies are revealed on social media.

Dawn Heupel’s Net Worth

Dawn Heupel, wife of football star Josh Heupel, is a former athlete with an intriguing career. Her net worth is estimated at $1–5 million.

Dawn’s athletic career shows her drive to excellence in her field. Through her marriage to Josh Heupel, her athletic experience may have contributed to her diverse life and Sportsworld understanding.

Her estimated net worth indicates financial security. Her financial holdings are confidential, but she and her husband have built a solid foundation.

Dawn Heupel’s life shows how athleticism, partnership, and financial success may coexist. Her story inspires individuals who want to balance life and finances.


Q1. Who is Dawn Heupel and why is she famous in sports?

A1.Josh Heupel’s wife is Dawn Dell, aka Dawn Heupel. Sports fans know her for her ardent support of her husband’s football career.

Q2. What is Dawn Heupel’s education and talent?

A2.College student Dawn Heupel excelled in athletics and academics. She played volleyball and basketball, played violin, and studied architecture in college, showing her versatility and determination.

Q3. How did Dawn and Josh Heupel meet and what’s their story?

A3.At 16, Dawn and Josh Heupel met at Aberdeen Central High School in South Dakota. Despite high school ups and downs, they became friends and then romantically involved.

Q4. When did Dawn and Josh Heupel marry?

A4.The story does not reveal Dawn and Josh Heupel’s wedding date. However, they have been married for a decade.

Q5. How many children does Dawn and Josh Heupel have? What are their hobbies?

A5.Dawn and Josh Heupel have Jack and Hannah. Both kids play sports, and Hannah loves music and dance. Jack, though, loves baseball, football, and basketball.


In conclusion, the article sheds light on the remarkable life of Dawn Heupel, a multi-talented individual known for her athletic prowess, musical abilities, and unwavering support for her husband, football coach and player Josh Heupel. Their enduring love story, which began in high school and continues to thrive, serves as an inspiring testament to commitment. Dawn’s dedication to both family and financial success demonstrates how a balanced life can be achieved through determination and partnership.

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