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Kirsten Barlow: Bio, Wiki, Age, Net worth and Meet Joe Lando Wife

Kirsten Barlow is most recognized as the spouse of the esteemed American actor, Joe Lando. She hails from the United Kingdom and has pursued a career in acting. However, intriguingly, Kirsten’s precise date of birth remains elusive, conspicuously absent from online sources.


NameKirsten Barlow
Birth placeUnited, States

Kirsten Barlow’s age

Kirsten Barlow’s approximate age places her squarely in her mid-50s. She came into this world on American soil, specifically within the United States of America, where she spent her upbringing and formative years. Kirsten proudly carries the banner of American nationality and identifies herself ethnically as a member of the white American community. In matters of faith, she aligns herself with the Christian tradition.

Curiously, despite the vast expanse of information available on social networking platforms, there exists a conspicuous void when it comes to any insight into Kirsten Barlow’s family history. It’s as if her personal background remains shrouded in mystery, evading the prying eyes of the digital age.


Kirsten keeps her job and career goals private. Her current professional status displays no employment. She may have hidden her career to maintain anonymity.

Speaking of her husband’s job, Joe Lando began appearing as a patrolman in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He made his mark on television history by playing Byron Sully in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Joe also appeared in Seeds of Doubt (1996) and No Code of Conduct (1998). Joe was voted one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1993 for his charisma and talent. His films continue to enthral viewers, making him an entertainment light.

Professional Life

As of now, Kristen’s professional status reveals that she is currently not engaged in any known occupation or job. While we can make an educated guess that she likely pursues some form of work in her daily life, she maintains a discreet stance about the specifics of her career. It seems she finds solace in keeping the details of her professional endeavours under wraps.

In light of this, the spotlight turns to her husband’s impressive career trajectory. Joe Lando embarked on his acting journey with a notable debut appearance as a patrolman in the iconic Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. His multifaceted talents extended beyond acting, as he ventured into the realm of television production, serving as an executive producer for the renowned series Guiding Light. In the realm of cinema, Joe left an indelible mark with his performance in the film Higher Ground.

Joe’s television presence continued to shine as he took on a pivotal role in eight episodes of the television series The Secret Circle, portraying John Blackwell, the father of the main character. He also graced the series Summerland, sharing the screen with Lori Loughlin in a memorable cameo.

In a delightful reunion with several of his Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman castmates in 2014, Joe participated in a spoof titled “Funny or Die.” This humorous endeavour brought back beloved characters from the iconic show, further endearing him to fans.

Beyond the small screen, Joe’s cinematic talents flourished in films such as Seeds of Doubt (1996) and No Code of Conduct (1998), cementing his status as a versatile actor with a diverse body of work.

Kirsten Barlow  Personal Life

Marital Status Married
Husband NameJoe Land
ChildrensJack Neville Lando, Christian Antonio Lando, Elizabeth Lando, William Joseph Lan

Kirsten’s marital status paints a picture of a committed partnership; she is the beloved spouse of Joe Lando. Their journey to wedded bliss was a culmination of years spent together, as they embarked on the marital voyage on May 24, 1997. Following their union, the couple’s love story was graced with the arrival of their first child, a son born on June 3, 1998, whom they affectionately named Jack Neville Lando.

Their family continued to grow in size and love. On July 7, 2001, they celebrated the birth of their second child, bestowing the name Christian Antonio Lando upon their second son. The Lando family’s joyous expansion didn’t stop there. On April 3, 2003, they welcomed their third child into the world, a daughter named Kate Elizabeth Lando.

The blessings of parenthood continued to shower upon Kirsten and Joe, as on July 20, 2007, they greeted the arrival of their fourth son, William Joseph Lando, further cementing their familial bond.

While Kirsten’s devotion to her family is evident, she remains discreet about any prior romantic entanglements or relationships from her past, keeping that part of her personal history under wraps.

Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue

Kirsten Barlow on Social Media

This enigmatic individual has consistently gravitated toward a life of simplicity, steering clear of the ever-watchful eye of the media. Kirsten’s penchant for privacy remains steadfast, even in the face of the multitude of inquiries that often swirl around her.

Adding to the mystique, Kirsten has chosen to maintain a conspicuous absence from the realm of social media. Notably, she remains inactive on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Her digital silence only deepens the intrigue surrounding her, as she navigates the modern age with a remarkable detachment from the virtual spotlight.

Net Worth

Kirsten Barlow hasn’t disclosed her financial situation due to her professional privacy. Thus, determining her net worth and salary is impossible. However, her marriage to a famous actor gives her a portion of his wealth.

It’s evident that her husband, Joe Lando, has made a lot of money in his job. Joe Lando’s estimated December 2022 net worth is $3 million. His financial fortune shows his entertainment business achievement and career success.


Q1. Who is Kirsten Barlow and her background?

A1.American actor Joe Lando married Kirsten Barlow. She’s British but American. Unfortunately, her birth date and family history remain unknown.

Q2. How old is Kirsten Barlow?

A2.Kirsten Barlow was thought to be mid-50s.

Q3. Does Kirsten Barlow work? What does she do?

A3.Kirsten does not disclose her current employment.

Q4. Can you describe Joe Lando’s career?

A4.Joe Lando starred in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He acted in various films and TV episodes and executive produced Guiding Light.

Q5. How many children do Kirsten and Joe Lando have?

A5.Kirsten and Joe Lando have four children: Jack Neville, Christian Antonio, Elizabeth, and William Joseph.


Kirsten Barlow, the wife of actor Joe Lando, is a mysterious figure with little public information about her past and work. She is dedicated to her family through her marriage to Joe Lando and their four children. She appears mysterious since Kirsten avoids social media and keeps her personal and work life secret. Her net wealth is unknown, however she presumably benefits from her husband’s television and film acting career.

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