Tyler Roby Pippen

Who Was Tyler Roby Pippen: Biography, Family, Siblings, and What Led To Her Death?

Tyler Roby Pippen achieved recognition as the second twin daughter of the famed American basketball player, Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. Regrettably, her life was tragically abbreviated, succumbing just 9 days after her birth. This brief span cast a lasting impact on the Pippen family, serving as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and the profound nature of grief.

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen?

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler Roby Pippen is one of the twin daughters born to Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. and his former fiancée, Sonya Roby. The joyous occasion took place at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital on July 20, 1994, where Taylor Robby Pippen and Tyler Roby Pippen entered the world. Unfortunately, this moment of familial bliss was swiftly overshadowed by tragedy. Merely nine days after their birth, the atmosphere shifted dramatically as Tyler, the younger of the twins, was pronounced deceased at the hospital. This heartbreaking event marked a profound turning point for the Pippen family, altering the course of their emotions and leaving an enduring impact on their lives.

Tyler Roby Pippen Biography

Tyler Roby Pippen, the twin daughter of Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. and his former fiancée Sonya Robby, came into the world on July 20, 1994, at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital alongside her sister Tayler Robby Pippen. However, what should have been a joyous celebration turned into a somber affair for the parents. Just nine days after their birth, the mood drastically shifted as Tyler, the younger of the twins, was tragically pronounced dead at the hospital. This unfortunate event cast a shadow over the Pippen family, underscoring the fragility of life. Despite her brief existence, Tyler Roby Pippen remains notable as the second twin daughter of the renowned American basketball player Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr.

What Happened To Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler Roby Pippen, a significant figure in American history, gained recognition as the second twin daughter of the renowned basketball player, Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr. Tragically, Tyler’s life was cut short, lasting only nine days after her birth.

Initially, there was uncertainty surrounding Pippen Sr.’s acknowledgment of paternity for the twin girls born to his then-girlfriend, Sonya Roby. The truth emerged through a DNA test, compelling Pippen Sr. to accept his parental responsibility. Despite this acknowledgment, Tyler’s time in this world was fleeting, leaving behind a poignant story surrounding her birth and untimely passing. The complexities of paternity acknowledgment add a layer of depth to Tyler Roby Pippen’s narrative, underscoring the fragility of life and the intricate dynamics within the Pippen family during that period.

Tyler Roby Pippen quick facts 

Full nameTyler Roby Pippen
Date of birthJuly 20, 1994
Place of birthMundelein, Illinois, United States
Zodiac signCancer
Famous asDaughter of Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr.
ParentScotty Maurice Pippen Sr., Sonya Roby
GrandparentsPreston Pippen, Ethel Pippen
SiblingsTaylor Roby Pippen, Antron Pippen, Sierra Pippen, Preston Pippen, Justin Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr.

Tyler Roby Pippen Age

Tragically, at the tender age of nine days, Tyler Roby Pippen departed from this world on July 29, 1994. The news of her passing sent shockwaves through the NBA community and resonated deeply with fans of the renowned player, Scottie Pippen. Despite the public interest and concern, both Scottie Pippen and the twins’ mother, Sonya Roby, have maintained a private stance on the matter, choosing not to speak out about the incident or disclose the details surrounding Tyler’s untimely departure. This decision has upheld a sense of privacy and respect for the grieving family during a profoundly challenging time.

Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Cause Of Death

Taylor, the second eldest among the seven siblings, entered the world on a memorable July 20, 1994, alongside her twin sister, Tyler, marking the beginning of a shared journey. Unfortunately, the family encountered a profound tragedy when Tyler’s time with them was abruptly cut short, just nine days after their joint arrival into the world. This heartbreaking loss cast a shadow over what should have been a time of celebration and joy.

In the initial days, a tumultuous period unfolded involving a dispute over paternity between Scottie Maurice Pippen and his ex-girlfriend, Sonya Roby, particularly concerning the twin girls. This period of uncertainty found resolution through a DNA test, definitively establishing Pippen as the father. Following this revelation, Pippen embraced his parental responsibilities by shouldering financial burdens, covering outstanding medical bills, and extending support through insurance.

Despite these agreements, custody of the children remained with Sonya Roby. The family then had to navigate a complex emotional landscape, balancing moments of joy with the enduring sorrow stemming from the memory of Tyler, forever etched in their hearts. The resilience of the family became evident as they strived to find a delicate equilibrium between the joys of familial moments and the poignant memory of a lost loved one.

Twin  Sister Of Tyler Robby Pippen

Twin  Sister Of Tyler Robby Pippen

Taylor Pippen, the twin sister of Tyler Roby Pippen, has distinguished herself as an accomplished American volleyball player and senior middle hitter, garnering recognition not only for her athletic prowess but also as a notable presence in the realm of social media influencing. Born on July 20, 1994, she is currently 29 years old.

Despite experiencing limited involvement from her father, Scottie Pippen, Taylor has wholeheartedly embraced her father’s athletic legacy and successfully forged a career as a prominent figure in American volleyball. Her passion for sports was ignited during her high school days at Carmel Catholic High in Illinois, and she continued to pursue it at Southern Illinois University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Leveraging her academic achievements, Taylor secured a position as the Assistant Vice President at Wintrust Commercial Bank in Chicago.

Before transitioning to the banking industry, Taylor showcased her talents on the international stage by playing professional volleyball in Spain, notably with Figaro Peluqueros Haris. Her achievements extend beyond the court, as she has been named an All-MVC Scholar first-team selection and earned MVC Scholar-Athlete honors, highlighting her excellence both in athletic endeavors and academic pursuits. Taylor Pippen exemplifies not only a successful athlete but also a well-rounded individual making significant contributions both in her professional career and in the sporting arena.

Know About Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen, a legendary icon in American basketball, carved out an enduring legacy during his remarkable 17-season career in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His contributions were instrumental in achieving six NBA titles with the iconic Chicago Bulls, firmly establishing him as one of the greatest small forwards in the annals of the sport.

The dynamic partnership between Pippen and Michael Jordan in the 1990s not only propelled the Bulls to championship status but also played a pivotal role in popularizing the NBA on a global scale. Pippen’s exceptional skills were acknowledged through numerous accolades, including eight consecutive selections for the NBA All-Defensive First Team and three appearances on the All-NBA First Team.

The pinnacle of Pippen’s impact on the game was marked by the retirement of his jersey by the Chicago Bulls during the 1996–97 season, a prestigious honor bestowed upon him as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Standing alongside other legends like Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Michael Jordan, Pippen remains a central figure in the rich legacy of the Chicago Bulls. His pivotal role in the championship teams of 1992 and 1996 solidifies his status among the top ten NBA teams of all time. Scottie Pippen’s influence extends beyond individual achievements, leaving an indelible mark on the collective history of the sport.

Siblings Of Tyler Roby Pippen

In addition to Taylor, Tyler Roby Pippen is part of a broader family that encompasses six half-siblings, further expanding the familial connections through her father’s relationships with three other women. The family tapestry is intricate and diverse, with each half-sibling contributing a unique and distinct connection to Scottie Pippen. This extended family forms a mosaic of individuals, illustrating the intricate relationships, complexities, and interwoven bonds that unite them all through their shared parentage with the iconic NBA star. Together, they create a rich and dynamic familial landscape that reflects the diverse experiences and connections within the Pippen family.

  • Antron Pippen
  • Scotty Pippen Jr.
  • Sophia Pippen
  • Justin Pippen
  • Preston Pippen
  • Sierra Pippen

Antron Pippen

Antron, the eldest son of Scottie Pippen from his first marriage to Karen McCollum, shared a deep-seated passion for basketball and aspired to forge a career in the sport. Demonstrating immense potential as an emerging star, he held lofty dreams of one day making it to the NBA. Unfortunately, these aspirations remained unrealized. In April 2021, Scottie Pippen shared the heart-wrenching news of the passing of his firstborn son, a profound loss attributed to chronic asthma. This devastating event cast a somber shadow of grief over the entire family. Antron’s promising journey in the realm of sports was tragically curtailed at the tender age of 33, leaving behind a poignant chapter in the narrative of a young athlete’s life.

Scotty Pippen Jr.

Scotty Pippen Jr., born on November 10, 2000, stands as the eldest son of Scottie Pippen and his second wife, Larsa Younan. At the age of 23, he is forging his distinct path in the world of basketball, gracefully following in the legendary footsteps of his father. Scotty has been making significant strides, garnering attention for his recent participation in the NBA Summer League with the Lakers. His journey in the sport not only highlights his individual talent but also contributes to the enduring legacy of the Pippen family in the realm of basketball. With his skills and dedication, Scotty Pippen Jr. is becoming a noteworthy figure, poised to leave his mark on the sport, just like his iconic father before him.

Sophia Pippen

Sophia Pippen, born on December 26, 2008, has now reached the age of 15 and is embarking on a unique and distinctive path. In contrast to many of her older siblings, Sophia has chosen a journey that diverges from her father Scottie Pippen’s illustrious basketball career.

Taking bold steps into the entertainment industry, Sophia is establishing herself as a captivating dancer. She recently showcased her talent in the junior category of Dancing With the Stars, securing a commendable ninth place and leaving a lasting impression from the early stages of her career. Sophia’s pursuits reflect her individuality and creative expression, allowing her to carve out her identity beyond the shadow of her father’s basketball legacy. With her talent and dedication, Sophia Pippen is making her mark in the world of entertainment, contributing to the diverse achievements of the Pippen family across various fields.

Justin Pippen

Justin Pippen, born on July 11, 2005, in California, is a versatile teenager currently navigating high school life at Sierra Canyon High School. Beyond actively participating in basketball, he has also ventured into the world of modeling. Notably, in 2016, Justin became part of the True Faces of the World campaign, contributing to the celebration of diversity alongside his sister, Sophia.

Juggling multiple pursuits, Justin shares a close and affectionate relationship with his renowned father, Scottie Pippen. On Father’s Day in 2019, he took to Instagram to express his love and gratitude, sharing heartwarming throwback photos and declaring his father as the best in the world.

In the realm of basketball, Justin not only contributes to the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers but has also extended his journey to the Amateur Athletic Union with the Stockton Soldiers. Scottie Pippen, embodying the role of a supportive father, can often be seen courtside, passionately cheering on his son during many of his games. Justin Pippen exemplifies a multi-talented and dynamic individual, successfully navigating both sports and modeling while maintaining a strong bond with his family, especially his father, Scottie.

Preston Pippen

Preston Pippen, born on August 26, 2002, in Portland, Oregon, holds the distinction of being the second child of Scottie and Larsa Pippen. Named in honor of his late grandfather, Scottie’s father, Preston carried on the family tradition by attending Sierra Canyon High School, actively participating in basketball. In May 2021, he marked a significant milestone by graduating from high school, sharing a heartfelt moment with his father, Scottie, which he graciously posted on Instagram.

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile, especially since his graduation, Preston occasionally provides glimpses into his life through platforms like TikTok. On TikTok, he shares lighthearted dance moments with well-known friends such as Shareef and Shaqir, the sons of Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron Jr., the son of LeBron James. His Instagram offers further insights into his down-to-earth lifestyle, capturing moments of joy spent with his siblings and showcasing a relatable side of his life beyond the glare of the spotlight. Preston Pippen emerges as a young individual blending into the fabric of everyday life, even with the backdrop of a prominent family name.

Sierra Pippen

Sierra Pippen, a well-known American model and media personality, gained recognition as the eldest daughter of Scottie Pippen and his former partner, Yvette DeLeone. Born on February 17, 1995, she is currently 29 years old.

In a narrative reminiscent of Tyler and Taylor’s story, the initial stages of Sierra’s life were marked by a contested paternity claim from Scottie Pippen. It wasn’t until Yvette DeLeone pursued legal action that Scottie’s biological connection to Sierra was conclusively established by the court. Following this legal resolution, Scottie remained involved in the lives of both Yvette and Sierra for a period, contributing to their shared journey. However, over time, he distanced himself from their lives, marking a shift in their familial dynamics. Sierra Pippen’s story reflects both legal challenges and evolving family dynamics that have shaped her journey into adulthood.


Tyler Roby Pippen, born on July 20, 1994, as the second twin daughter of basketball legend Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr., tragically passed away just nine days after her birth. Despite initial uncertainty about paternity, a DNA test confirmed Pippen Sr.’s acknowledgment. Her brief existence became a turning point for the family, impacting their journey in profound ways. 

Twin sister Taylor Roby Pippen embraced their shared journey, navigating through a paternity dispute with resilience. Scottie Pippen, with six NBA titles, left an enduring legacy in basketball. The family, including siblings Antron, Scotty Pippen Jr., Sophia, Justin, Preston, and Sierra, showcases a mosaic of diverse paths. Despite legal challenges and shifting dynamics, each sibling contributes to the multifaceted Pippen family story. Tyler’s short-lived life symbolizes life’s fragility, weaving into the broader legacy of a basketball icon and the unique journeys of her siblings, reflecting resilience amidst triumphs and challenges.

People also ask 

Q: What contributed to the untimely passing of Tyler Roby Pippen?

A: The specific circumstances surrounding Tyler Roby Pippen’s tragic demise at just nine days old are undisclosed, maintaining privacy over the details.

Q: How many siblings accompany Taylor Pippen on her journey?

A: Taylor Pippen is surrounded by the love of seven siblings: Antron Pippen, Sierra Pippen, Justin Pippen, Sophia Pippen, Preston Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr., and her late twin, Tyler Roby Pippen.

Q: Why did Scottie Pippen initially dispute the paternity of the twins?

A: Scottie Pippen’s initial denial of paternity sparked a dispute with Sonya Roby. However, subsequent clarity emerged through a DNA test, confirming his biological connection to the twins.

Q. Apart from her volleyball career, what other professional pursuits does Taylor Pippen undertake?

A: Taylor Pippen’s journey extends beyond volleyball. Besides playing professionally in Spain, she holds a degree in Accounting and currently serves as the Assistant Vice President at Wintrust Commercial Bank in Chicago.

Q. How extensive is Scottie Pippen’s family?

A: Scottie Pippen is a father to eight children: Antron, Taylor, Tyler, Sierra, Justin, Sophia, Preston, and Scotty Jr., each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the Pippen family narrative.

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