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In 1989, the former American football player turned renowned broadcaster, Cris Collinsworth, joyously celebrated the union of hearts with his beloved, Holly Bankemper. Their enchanting love story traces its roots back to the 1980s when fate intervened during their college years. 

Interestingly, despite attending different colleges in the 1970s, the stars aligned to bring them together through their shared passion for football. This shared interest not only ignited a deep connection but also laid the solid foundation for a lifelong bond that has withstood the test of time. The intertwining of their lives, sparked by a love for the game, has since become a captivating narrative of enduring love and partnership.

Who is Holly Bankemper?

Holly Bankemper, a distinguished American lawyer and active member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, is widely recognized as the spouse of Cris Collinsworth, the former professional football player turned accomplished sportscaster. While her husband, Collinsworth, achieved fame for his outstanding career as a University of Florida college football standout and subsequent accolades in TV analysis with numerous “Sports Emmy Awards” on networks like NBC and Showtime, Bankemper has carved her own path in the legal realm. Operating within Fort Thomas, she diligently practices law, maintaining a deliberately low-key profile despite the widespread recognition of her husband.

Both Bankemper and Collinsworth share a common alma mater in the University of Cincinnati College of Law, although they graduated in different years. Following her education in Cincinnati, Bankemper returned to her hometown, where she established herself as a respected lawyer. Notwithstanding her husband’s high-profile career and public visibility, she chooses to remain discreet, only occasionally making public appearances alongside Collinsworth and their accomplished children, who have also made a name for themselves in the world of sports. Bankemper’s inclination towards a private life underscores her commitment to her professional pursuits while gracefully navigating the peripheries of her husband’s spotlight.

Holly Bankemper Biography

Turning 58 in 2022, Holly Bankemper, the esteemed American lawyer and active member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, hails from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where she was born on November 23, 1964. She maintains strong family ties, with both her parents and siblings enjoying good health.

In an interesting twist, Holly’s husband, Cris Collinsworth, boasts an age difference of approximately five years, being born on January 27, 1959, making him 62 years old as of 2022.

Within their extended family, Holly shares connections with Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth and Donetta Browning, both of whom were educators. Notably, Cris’s father transitioned from his days as a basketball player to become a renowned sports coach. The Collinsworth family is further enriched by the presence of Cris’s two siblings, Kyle and Greg, creating a well-rounded familial dynamic.

Despite the couple’s varying professional pursuits and the recognition garnered by Collinsworth’s illustrious career, Holly Bankemper continues to prioritize a private life, emphasizing her dedication to her legal profession. Occasional public appearances alongside her husband and their accomplished children reveal a family that has gracefully navigated the complexities of a life partially lived in the spotlight.

Holly Bankemper Quick Facts 

Full NameHolly Bankemper Collinsworth
Famous asCris Collinsworth’s wife
BirthdayNovember 23, 1964
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age (2021)57 years
BirthplaceFort Thomas, Kentucky, USA
ResidenceFort Thomas, Kentucky, USA
High SchoolFort Thomas Highlands High School
CollegeUniversity of Cincinnati College of Law
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Bankemper
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCris Collinsworth
Net Worth$3 million
Height5 feet 8 inches (1.7 m)
Weight65 kg (145 lbs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen

Holly Bankemper Education

Holly Bankemper, originally from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, embarked on her academic journey at Highlands High School, where her spirited involvement in cheerleading left an indelible mark. This enthusiasm for active participation carried forward into her college years, as she and Cris pursued legal education together at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Although Cris graduated in 1991, Holly successfully completed her legal studies in 1988. Equipped with her legal degree, Mrs. Collinsworth has devoted over three decades to the legal profession. Her professional journey has seen her contributing her expertise to a diverse range of legal matters, showcasing her commitment and skill in the field of law.

Holly Bankemper Age

Holly Bankemper, born on November 23, 1964, is presently 58 years young.

Holly Bankemper Height

Holly stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, sporting lovely blonde hair and captivating green eyes.

Holly Bankemper Family

Fortunate to still have both her parents by her side, Holly Bankemper comes from a closely-knit family that includes a brother and a sister. Despite her youngest status in comparison to her husband Cris, who was born on January 27, 1959, making him 62 years old, Holly’s family ties remain strong.

In the Collinsworth family, Cris’s parents, Donetta Browning and Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth, initially pursued careers in education. Notably, Cris’s father transitioned from being a former basketball player to a respected sports coach. The family dynamic is further enriched by Cris’s siblings, Kyle and Greg, who contribute to the collective narrative.

Holly’s upbringing took place in her hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. While specific details about her family are kept private, it is evident that she shares a deep and meaningful bond with her brother and sister. Although the identities of Holly’s parents remain undisclosed, the importance of family in her life is unmistakable, highlighting the significance of these personal connections for her.

Holly Bankemper Personal Life

Holly Bankemper, a highly regarded attorney, has been practicing law in Cincinnati with dedication and excellence. Her journey alongside Cris Collinsworth began in 1989 when they exchanged vows, a period coinciding with their shared studies at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Since her graduation in 1988, Holly has wholeheartedly committed herself to a successful legal career.

Originally from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Holly commenced her academic pursuits at the University of Kentucky, where she also took on the role of a cheerleader before transitioning to the field of law. Beyond her professional achievements, Holly shines as a devoted wife and mother. The Collinsworth family narrative is enriched by the athletic accomplishments of their children, reflecting a diverse range of triumphs.

In every facet of their lives, be it in the legal realm or family pursuits, the Collinsworths embody a commitment to excellence. The athletic achievements of their children only serve to reinforce the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” highlighting the family’s shared dedication to success and pursuit of perfection.

Holly Bankemper Career

Holly Bankemper, a proud alumna of Fort Thomas Highlands High School in Kentucky, not only excelled academically but also showcased her spirited enthusiasm as a cheerleader during both her high school and college years. Her academic journey continued at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, a path she shared with her husband, Cris.

Having earned her law degree in 1988, Holly has accumulated over thirty years of invaluable experience as a general practice attorney. Mrs. Collinsworth brings a wealth of expertise to her clients, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in her legal profession. For those seeking her legal services, the contact details for her office would be a valuable resource to connect with this seasoned professional.

Holly Bankemper Rise to Stardom

Holly Bankemper’s journey from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, to Cincinnati marked a pivotal decision that would shape both her personal and professional life. Fueled by the ambition to enroll at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, this move set the stage for a series of transformative events.

In the vibrant Queen City, Holly’s life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Cris Collinsworth, the man who would become her future husband. Their introduction, seemingly orchestrated by serendipity, ignited a connection that would endure through the years.

The shared journey through law school not only deepened their bond but also synchronized their life trajectories. Cris, already a notable figure in American football when they first met, further elevated his fame through a transition into sports broadcasting, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 1991. In contrast, Holly chose a more private path, avoiding the spotlight and opting for a quieter existence throughout their enduring and successful marriage.

While Bankemper values her privacy, offering only occasional glimpses into her family life through the profiles of her relatives, her commitment to maintaining a low-key presence stands as a testament to the balance she strikes between personal fulfillment and the public gaze.

Holly Bankemper Net Worth

The power couple, Cris Collinsworth and Holly Bankemper, have not only found success in their respective careers but have also accumulated a significant fortune. Cris, with his achievements in professional endeavors, boasts a net worth of around $14 million. Meanwhile, Holly has built her own substantial wealth, estimated at about $3 million.

This financial success is a testament to the dedication and accomplishments the couple has achieved in their individual fields. Cris’s net worth of $14 million reflects not only his prowess in sports and broadcasting but also his astute financial decisions over the years. On the legal front, Mrs. Collinsworth’s independent wealth of $3 million is indicative of a prosperous journey in the legal world, showcasing her success and contributions to her profession.

The couple’s impressive financial achievements add another layer to their story, underscoring the rewards that come with years of hard work, commitment, and excellence in their respective careers.

What does Holly Bankemper do for a living?

Holly Bankemper has firmly established herself as a prominent practitioner in her field, exemplified by her longstanding membership in the Cincinnati Bar Association. With over thirty years of dedicated practice, she has garnered a robust reputation as an accomplished lawyer. Specializing in general practice, Holly has honed her skills and earned recognition within the legal community. Her extensive experience and commitment to excellence have solidified her standing as a seasoned professional in the legal world.

Holly Bankemper Marriage

The roots of Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth’s enduring love story trace back to The Precinct, a Cincinnati restaurant they co-owned. At the time, Cris was a player for the Cincinnati Bengals, and Holly, a former University of Kentucky cheerleader, was gearing up to start law school at the University of Cincinnati.

Cris, who had previously dated several women during his NFL career, had his first encounter with Holly when she dined at the restaurant with a friend. Their introduction, orchestrated by Cris’ friends, marked the beginning of a connection that would defy conventional expectations. Learning that Holly was a divorced mother of two didn’t deter Cris, and he eagerly showed up for their first date.

The turning point in their relationship occurred in 1988 during an MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati. Cris proposed to Holly, envisioning a grand gesture on the Jumbotron with the help of commentator Al Michaels, who declined. Reflecting on this, Cris saw Michaels’ refusal as a blessing, realizing that even if she had said yes, Holly might not have appreciated a public proposal. On June 3, 1989, the couple exchanged vows in a ceremony attended by family, friends, and notable sports figures, including Cincinnati’s mayor at the time, Jerry Springer.

Post-wedding, Holly and Cris chose Holly’s hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, as their new residence. They built a magnificent colonial-style mansion on a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River. This decision marked a significant turning point, showcasing their commitment to each other and their shared journey into a new phase of life.

Holly Bankemper Children

Holly and Cris Collinsworth take pride in their four accomplished children—daughters Ashley and Katie, and sons Austin and Jac. Each of their children has carved unique paths and achieved notable successes.

Austin, who initially showed promise in high school football, assumed a leadership position at Notre Dame University. Unfortunately, his playing career was cut short due to a shoulder injury that required surgery in 2014. Undeterred, Austin earned his master’s in finance that same year and went on to make his mark in the professional world as the Vice President of Digital Distribution at Pro Football Focus.

Ashley, a psychology graduate from Harvard University in 2015, excelled in track and field during both high school and college. Notably, her dad, Cris, supported her athletic endeavors by coaching her team. Meanwhile, Katie has showcased her skills in program management, currently managing the “GolfNow” program at the Golf Channel.

In the field of sports journalism, Jac has established a solid reputation. Currently serving as a features reporter for ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” he previously covered the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for NBC. The diverse abilities and accomplishments of the Collinsworth children reflect a heritage of excellence, showcasing their unique talents and surpassing the achievements of their parents.

Social Media

Holly Bankemper maintains a deliberate absence from social media platforms, preferring to keep her personal life private. Despite thorough searches on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, no active profiles associated with her could be located. This intentional choice underscores her commitment to a low-key and private lifestyle, away from the public eye.

In contrast, her spouse, Cris Collinsworth, exhibits a more active presence on social media. Known for sharing occasional glimpses into his personal life on Instagram, he has garnered a substantial following of over 600,000 fans on Twitter. While Holly’s inclination towards privacy is evident, Cris’s engagement with social media platforms allows fans and followers to catch a curated glimpse of his life beyond the professional realm. The differing approaches to social media between the couple reflect their individual preferences and choices regarding the public sharing of personal moments.


Holly Bankemper, born in 1964, is a distinguished American lawyer, recognized as the wife of the former NFL player and accomplished sportscaster, Cris Collinsworth. Her academic journey led her to the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she graduated in 1988, laying the foundation for a successful career in law. Based in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Holly has dedicated her professional life to practicing law.

The couple, Holly and Cris, share the joy of raising four successful children, each making strides in their respective fields. Despite her husband’s fame in the world of sports broadcasting and football, Holly opts for a private life, choosing not to engage in active social media presence. This decision aligns with her preference for maintaining a low-profile, allowing her to focus on her legal career and the fulfilling experiences of family life away from the public eye.


Q: What is Holly Bankemper’s profession?

A: Holly Bankemper is a seasoned attorney and an esteemed member of the Cincinnati Bar Association, boasting a legal career that spans over three decades.

Q: When did Holly Bankemper marry Cris Collinsworth?

A: Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth tied the knot in 1989, a union that blossomed during their college years at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

Q: How many children do Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth have?

A: Holly and Cris are proud parents to four children: Ashley, Katie, Austin, and Jac. Each of their children has achieved success in diverse fields, ranging from athletics to journalism.

Q: Does Holly Bankemper have any social media accounts?

A: No, Holly Bankemper does not maintain any active social media accounts, choosing to uphold a private and discreet personal life.

Q: What is the net worth of Holly Bankemper?

A: Holly Bankemper’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million, a testament to her prosperous and accomplished legal career.

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