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Lawrence Faulborn Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth and Know About Kelli Giddish’s Ex-Husband

Businessman Lawrence Faulborn was well-known, especially for his relationship with Kelli Giddish. Before marrying Giddish, Faulborn was less prominent. This union launched him into the spotlight and connected him to other famous people in his network.

Early Life of Lawrence Faulborn

Lawrence Faulborn is from the US, although his early life is unknown. Our knowledge about his childhood is limited.

Faulborn has kept his birthdate private. Given his American upbringing, it’s safe to assume he was born there. This gives him American citizenship and white ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Faulborn has kept his childhood and parents’ background private. However, his photos show he is in his forties, while details are scarce.

Quick Facts

Full NameLawrence Faulborn
Date of birth1980
BirthplaceUnited State
Age43 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameKelli Giddish
Children NameLudo Faulborn, Charlie Faulborn
Popular ForEx-husband of Kelli Giddish
Net worthAround $4 million USD

Lawrence Faulborn Professional Career

Lawrence Faulborn stands as a prominent figure in the realm of American business, and his influence extends beyond entrepreneurial pursuits. Lawrence has notably ventured into various endorsements and sponsorship agreements, further solidifying his presence in the public eye.

Faulborn’s active engagement in the business sphere is undeniable, and there’s no room for doubt when we assert that he ranks among the most accomplished and prosperous businessmen in the United States. His track record of achievements and his knack for forging lucrative deals underscore his stature as a key player in the American business landscape.

Lawrence Faulborn Height and Weight

According to available sources, Lawrence Faulborn boasts an imposing physical stature, standing tall at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch. His physique is further characterised by a weight of approximately 86 kilograms, which complements his commanding presence.

Faulborn’s distinctive features include dark brown eyes that exude a sense of depth and intensity, perfectly complemented by his ebony black hair, adding to his overall striking appearance.

For those intrigued by his measurements, Lawrence Faulborn maintains a robust chest size of 44 inches, underscoring his physical prowess, while his waist measures in at 34 inches, contributing to a well-proportioned and athletically built physique. These particulars paint a vivid picture of his physical attributes, which undoubtedly play a part in his overall persona.

Lawrence Faulborn’s marriage with Kelli Giddish

Indeed, Lawrence Faulborn is not just a name in isolation; he’s widely recognized as the spouse of Kelli Giddish, a prominent actress with a significant position in the Hollywood industry. Giddish’s tremendous popularity is a testament to her talent and contributions to the world of entertainment.

Their journey together is a narrative of commitment that developed over the course of several years. After a courtship that extended a lengthy period, Lawrence and Kelli made the personal decision to legalise their union. Their wedding, a cherished event in their lives, took place against the lovely backdrop of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in the year 2015. The wedding was an intimate occasion, attended by their closest friends and adored family members, creating an environment of warmth and affection.

Following their marital vows, the couple embarked on another lovely chapter of their lives by welcoming their first child, Ludo Faulborn. This was followed by the wonderful addition of their second child, Charlie Faulborn. These milestones have surely enriched their journey together, moulding their lives as a loving and expanding family.

Lawrence Faulborn’s children

Lawrence and his former spouse, Giddish, embarked on the journey of matrimony on the 20th of June in the year 2015. Their nuptials unfolded in an intimate and picturesque ceremony set against the backdrop of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The guest list was intentionally kept short, with only their closest family members and dearest friends in attendance.

As they exchanged vows, the bride adorned herself in a simple yet elegant white gown, complemented by a delicate floral crown. Lawrence, the groom, opted for a relaxed attire, sporting a crisp white shirt paired with comfortable jeans. The serene beach setting provided the perfect backdrop for their union.

Miraculously, just a few months following their wedding, the couple was blessed with the arrival of their firstborn, a son they affectionately named Ludo Faulborn, born on the 6th of October in 2015. The news of their impending parenthood had already made waves before the birth, thanks to none other than Ice T, Giddish’s co-star on the television series Law & Order: SVU, who had taken to Twitter to share their exciting journey with the world. The congratulatory messages poured in, with another SVU star, Warren Leight, extending his best wishes on Twitter.

Their family joyously expanded once again on the 18th of November, three years later, with the birth of their second child, Charlie Faulborn. This joyous occasion further solidified their bond as a loving family.

While attending the Tribeca TV Festival in the vibrant heart of New York City in September, Giddish shared the exciting news of her second pregnancy with E! News, further adding to the collective happiness surrounding their growing family.

What led to the paralysis of Lawrence Faulborn? Illness of Lawrence Faulborn

After their second kid was born, the former couple’s life changed. Lawrence Faulborn became seriously ill, but the cause remains unknown. The severity of his illness is evident. It was traumatic and left Lawrence Faulborn crippled and hospitalised for two months.

The rehabilitation was difficult, but it showed human resilience. Despite odds, Lawrence gradually recovered. Friends and family’s continuous support helped him heal throughout this difficult time.

Kelli, relieved by her husband’s recovery, thanked people who supported them throughout this difficult time. Their partnerships and loved ones’ support helped them through tough times, reaffirming our links.

Lawrence Faulborn’s Physical Appearance

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight86 kg (Approx)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
Body Measurement44–34-15

Net Worth

As a successful businessman, Lawrence Faulborn has earned a fortune that allows him to live in luxury. Financial success shows his intellect and entrepreneurial skills.

It’s notable that his wife, a famous actress, adds to their wealth. This dynamic duo’s wealth is intriguing. Our thorough research and available facts estimate Lawrence Faulborn’s net worth at $4 million USD. This financial position highlights his business success and its synergy.


Q1.Who is Lawrence Faulborn?

A1.US businessman Lawrence Faulborn rose to fame after marrying actress Kelli Giddish.

Q2.When was Lawrence Faulborn born?

A2.Lawrence Faulborn probably was born in 1980, making him 43 years old.

Q3.What does Lawrence Faulborn do?

A3.Lawrence Faulborn is a successful entrepreneur.

Q4.Lawrence Faulborn’s spouse?

A4.Husband Lawrence Faulborn married actress Kelli Giddish.

Q5.How many kids does Lawrence Faulborn have?

A5.Kelli Giddish and Lawrence Faulborn have two children: Ludo and Charlie.

Q6.How much is Lawrence Faulborn worth?

A6.Due to his business success and his wife’s acting profession, Lawrence Faulborn’s estimated net worth is $4 million USD.

Q7.Why was Lawrence Faulborn paralysed?

A7.After his second kid was born, Lawrence Faulborn became very ill and paralysed. However, his disease’ aetiology is uncertain.


In conclusion, Lawrence Faulborn, a rich American businessman, earned fame by marrying Kelli Giddish. Ludo and Charlie Faulborn were born after their 2015 small wedding. Lawrence’s condition left him hospitalised and paralysed for two months, with the cause unknown. He recovered well with family support despite the obstacles. Lawrence’s economic ability and cooperation with his renowned wife have helped them amass $4 million USD.

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