Malik Hardwick Brother Of Omari Hardwick Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Siblings Relation With Omari

Malik Hardwick gained recognition as the sibling of Omari Hardwick, the American actor famous for his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the popular Starz series, Power. Despite having a famous brother, not much information is available about Malik Hardwick.

At some point in the past, there were widespread rumors about Malik Hardwick’s passing that circulated in the media. Numerous online publications asserted that Malik had passed away. This prompts the question: What’s the actual truth? Has he truly passed away, or is it simply a false rumor? To get a comprehensive understanding of Omari’s older brother, delve into the following passage.

Full NameMalik Hardwick
Nick NameMalik
Birth PlaceUnited States
BirthdayDecember 11, 1971
Age 51
Ethnicity AfricanAmerican
Zodiac Sagittarius
SiblingsOmari, Jamil, and Shani
FatherClifford Hardwick III
MotherJoyce Hardwick
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusProbably Married
Children1 son

Malik Hardwick, the brother of Omari Hardwick, is already deceased

No, Malik Hardwick is very much alive and living happily with his family. Despite various claims made by several media outlets about Malik’s passing, these speculations are entirely false. But how did these rumors about his death even start?

The origin of these rumors dates back to a tweet by Omari on September 22, 2014. He wrote:

“I found losing my son to be ugly. I found the loss of my sister at 33 and my brother at 45 to be ugly. all within a 3-year period. The ugly of HATE.”

Furthermore, in 2017, three years later, Omari released a single titled “Bloodshed.” In discussing the single, he opened up about a personal tragedy, saying:

Those experiences encompass everything from having endured the loss of a son around the same time my father survived being shot six times. This occurred just about a year and ten months after my brother had been shot ten times. Within two years of these incidents, my father survived, but sadly, my son and brother did not.

Following these revelations, people began to assume that the brother Omari mentioned losing at the age of 45 was Malik Hardwick.

Evidence To Disprove Malik Hardwick Death Rumour

Evidence that Malik is alive and well can be found on his younger brother Jamil’s Instagram account. A notable post was made on December 11, 2022, where Jamil shared a picture featuring himself, Omari, and Malik.

In the comments of the post, numerous individuals extended their birthday wishes to Malik, marking the occasion as special. Malik was also seen in a more recent post on his brother’s Instagram, dated January 9. This post showcased Malik Hardwick enjoying a strong and affectionate connection with his younger siblings.

Malik Hardwick is the eldest child of his parents; his birth information

Joyce Hardwick and attorney Clifford Hardwick III have Malik Hardwick, their first son. The US born him on December 11, 1971.

On an annual basis, his younger brother Omari takes the opportunity to extend birthday wishes to Malik. Specifically, on December 11, 2019, Malik Hardwick’s brother Jamil took to his Instagram account to share a message, which read

His Brother Said Malik Is The Most Selfless And Loyal Person

As shared by Jamil, Malik is described as a selfless individual who dedicatedly looked after his family and displayed unwavering loyalty. Jamil highlighted this aspect of his brother on Malik’s birthday celebration in 2020. Alongside a photo featuring the Hardwick siblings, Jamil penned a heartfelt message:

“To Malik, my older brother! … You don’t like the spotlight, but I want to thank you for always looking out for your family, for your loyalty, for your selflessness, and for all the sacrifices you made.”

Jamil stressed that Malik’s selflessness is appreciated and thanked him and their family for whatever his does.

Malik Hardwick Has Three Brothers and Sisters

Malik Hardwick is part of a sibling quartet, consisting of his younger sister Shani Hardwick, and two younger brothers, Jamil and Omari Hardwick. Shani occupies the role of community director at March of Dimes, an organization focused on improving the health of mothers and babies. Meanwhile, Malik’s brothers have found their footing in the entertainment industry.

Jamil, one of the brothers, identifies himself as a TV and Film producer as per his Instagram bio. Beyond that, he’s an entrepreneur who oversees a Physical fitness studio called Health House, nestled in Beverly Hills.

In contrast, Omari, the other prominent brother, has made a name for himself as a successful Hollywood actor. His journey started from being an amateur baseball player, but he transitioned into the world of acting. Some of his remarkable on-screen ventures include roles in projects like Army of the Dead, Saved, Anna, and Kick-Ass. Beyond acting, he’s also recognized as a poet and an activist.

Malik’s Net Worth

As per various speculations, it’s believed that Malik’s net worth amounts to around $500,000 in the year 2023. In contrast, his well-known sibling Omari boasts a more substantial financial standing, being a millionaire with an estimated wealth of approximately $5 million.

What was Malik Hardwick’s occupation?

According to the information provided, Malik appears to be the director of business development at the moment. In addition, Jamil, Malik’s brother, sometimes addressed him as “Captain,” raising the likelihood that Malik had worked for the Navy.

Malik Hardwick: Did He Have A Wife? Kids of His

Since Malik is in his early 50s, it’s likely that he’s happily married. On May 25, 2023, his son graduated from college, making him a proud father. Malik joyfully posted a picture of his son with the caption “The Graduate c/o 2023!!!” showcasing his pride and happiness.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is Malik Hardwick still alive?
Yes, Malik Hardwick is still alive. Despite rumors circulated by some media outlets about his passing, these speculations are false. Malik is very much alive and living happily with his family.

What led to the rumors about Malik Hardwick’s death?
The rumors about Malik’s death originated from a tweet by his brother Omari Hardwick in 2014, where he mentioned the loss of his sister and brother within a short period. This led people to assume that the brother Omari mentioned losing at the age of 45 was Malik Hardwick.

What evidence disproves the death rumor about Malik Hardwick?
Evidence of Malik’s well-being can be found on his younger brother Jamil’s Instagram account. A post made on December 11, 2022, featured Malik celebrating his birthday with his brothers. Additionally, more recent posts showcase Malik’s close relationship with his siblings.

Who are Malik Hardwick’s siblings?
Shani Hardwick, Jamil Hardwick, and Omari Hardwick are Malik’s younger siblings. Omari is a successful Hollywood actor, Shani is a March of Dimes community director, and Jamil is a TV and film producer.

What does Malik Hardwick do for a living?
Malik’s occupation is mentioned as the director of business development. He has also been referred to as “Captain,” indicating a possible connection to the Navy.

Is Malik Hardwick married?
It’s likely that Malik is married, considering his age. He has a son who graduated from college in 2023, and he expressed his pride in a post on social media.

What is Malik Hardwick’s net worth?
Malik’s 2023 net worth is projected at $500,000. Unlike him, his brother Omari is worth $5 million.

How is Malik Hardwick described by his siblings?
Malik is described as a selfless individual who is dedicated to looking after his family and displaying unwavering loyalty. His brother Jamil emphasized Malik’s selflessness and thanked him for his sacrifices and loyalty.

When was Malik Hardwick born?
Malik Hardwick was born on December 11, 1971.

What are some of Omari Hardwick’s notable roles?
Successful Hollywood actor Omari Hardwick played James “Ghost” St. Patrick in “Power,” “Army of the Dead,” “Saved,” “Anna,” and “Kick-Ass.” A poet and activist, he is known.

Final Words

the life and status of Malik Hardwick have been subject to both false rumors and heartwarming truths. Despite widespread claims of his passing, Malik is very much alive and thriving alongside his family. The misconceptions arose from a heartfelt tweet by his brother Omari, which led to mistaken assumptions about his brother’s age and identity.

Through evidence shared on social media, it’s clear that Malik’s strong bonds with his siblings, including Jamil and Omari, remain intact. Described as a selfless and loyal individual, Malik’s presence is cherished by his family, and his dedication to their well-being is evident.

As the eldest sibling of the Hardwick family, Malik’s journey has been marked by family values, unity, and the pursuit of personal endeavors. His role as a director of business development and his potential association with the Navy add intriguing dimensions to his life story.

With a successful son’s graduation serving as a recent milestone, Malik’s pride and happiness as a father shine through. As he continues to enjoy life with his loved ones, the misconception of his passing serves as a reminder of the power of accurate information in today’s media landscape.

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